As a senior consultant for Beautycounter, I am very proud to represent a company that not only creates wonderfully effective personal care products but also serves to educate individuals on the choices we can make in our every day life with respect to what we put on our bodies.


Making changes is hard and can be so overwhelming, I know. But I think if we start small and replace things one-by-one to safer items (for ourselves and for our environments), it is a lot less stressful and more impactful. I went through this with my own food allergies as well as with those of my child, and little by little we have found our way and are living so much better.

I don’t think that the way we treat our bodies from the inside out is all that different from how we treat them from the outside in, and I am grateful to have found a company that is so well aligned with my priorities and my passion for health and wellness.

There are many reasons to love this company and their products.

Here are a few —
• safe and effective non-toxic ingredients for you and your entire family
• they source their ingredients from sustainable, non-GMO sources
• transparency — no hidden fragrances, flavors, or secret preservatives that may be making you sick
• commitment to changing the industry – Beautycounter works tirelessly to urge the FDA to pass new regulations on harmful ingredients (and they have banned 1,500 ingredients from their own products!)

I am going to be sharing my experiences with the Beautycounter products, talking about the lessons and tools I am learning to live better and care for ourselves and our environment better with the products we choose to use, here in this space. I would also love to offer personalized consultation with you if you are interested in learning more about how the Beautycounter line can help you in ways that are specific to you either via email/phone or in person if you’re local to me!


You can also learn more about Beautycounter, its products and its mission as well as shop with me directly by visiting