my drink

Lately I find myself making a drink just about every afternoon, when I’m feeling frazzled and at the end of my rope.  When I need a little something to help relax me and calm my nerves before diving into the “witching hour” that is my house between 5-7pm.

I used to pour myself a glass of wine every evening around this time.  I would drink one glass and it would easily turn into two, and then sometimes (on a really tough day), even three.  It wouldn’t even phase me a bit.  I did not feel tipsy from it.  It was a regular part of my routine and I guess my body was used to it.  I think I am a lot more self aware now and I honestly can’t imagine drinking alcohol regularly like that anymore. 

But I still understand why I reached for that glass of wine every evening.  The reasons haven’t changed and I am still reaching for something…

A house with young children can be really crazy at that time of day.  At least, my house almost always is.  I have GOOD kids.  They are wonderful and beautiful and they make me so happy.  I am incredibly thankful to be their mom and there is nothing I would rather be doing than living the life that I am, as their mother.  But even good kids can be difficult, especially towards the end of the day, when the day is catching up with them and they are starting to get tired, hungry and cranky.  They can be very hard to please.  They whine.  They are unsatisfied, impatient and demanding.

Now as that time of day approaches, I reach for a hot cup of tea.  For some reason it helps me retreat inside myself and find a way to be fully present and peaceful for my family when they start freaking out on me.  I don’t seek to escape, just to feel CALM…

Right now my favorite tea is the comforting tea made by Aveda.  It was served to me one afternoon while I was getting my hair cut and I loved it so much that I had to buy a box of it.  It is an herbal tea with licorice root and peppermint.  Every time I take a sip, I feel comforted from the inside out.  I don’t add a thing to it, not even a drop of honey.

I think it’s interesting that I’m still reaching for a beverage to help keep me calm at that time of day.  Even though this drink has no caffeine, no sugar, no addictive substances in its list of ingredients, it has a sort of magical effect on me and completely soothes me.  My husband said he isn’t surprised by this at all – he believes it isn’t about the drink, but rather it’s about what the drink represents to me.  It’s a way for me to do something for myself while at the same time taking care of everyone else’s needs.  A way for me to make sure that I am at my best for them.