Merry Christmas and a Winner!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Will, Gus and Abby all dressed in their new Christmas jammies!

We had a really special holiday at my house, despite the fact that Santa brought us a stomach virus on Christmas morning (!), leaving me and my husband feeling the worst and poor Baby Gus still very much not himself (he is cutting two teeth at the same time, poor baby).  I hope he is better soon.  It breaks my heart to see him feeling so sick!

Aaaaanyway, enough about that.  Now, to announce the winner of the lululemon satin pirouette headband!  I used to select the winner, and the lucky winner is Christine.

Congratulations, Christine!  Please email me at so I can get you your prize.

I hope everyone is enjoying this last week of 2011.  What an incredible year!!!

Headband Reviews & A Giveaway!

As I mentioned the other day, I am *somewhat* of a picky person.  It can take me a while to find something that I like and when I do, I become a loyal and dedicated fan of it.  I’m sure many of you can relate.

I feel like I have tried every headband on the market.  Most of them have been complete failures for me, sliding back and falling out of my hair whether I’m running or not.  I became so frustrated with them that I actually gave up on headbands altogether until just a few months ago.

Then, this summer my friend Dorothy at Mile Posts did a review and giveaway of the Sparkly Soul headbands.  Dorothy happens to be a close friend of mine and I can vouch for the fact that she is equally as picky as I am, so when she told me that the Sparkly Soul headbands were awesome and that they would not slip out, I immediately ordered one for myself.

She was right.

Now I have several colors and have given them out as gifts to many people, including my sister Jodi.

Jodi and I at Army Ten Miler, sparkling with purple

My search for a headband that works for me ended there, and I didn’t really feel the need to try any new ones.

But then, the other day I was at lululemon and was introduced to a new headband that I was told I just **had** to try.  Everyone who works there swears by it.  And I trust these girls.  They have always given me honest advice and opinions about their products, steering me towards things that are designed for the kind of activities I do and cautioning me against things that are not made to perform at their best for what my purpose is.  So, when they told me that the Skinny Satin Pirouette Headband would not disappoint, I decided I would buy one and see for myself.

See that grippy stuff and the adjustable section?  Magic.  

This headband is really cute and simple.  It can be worn whether I’m running or not, so I figured that for the $12.00 it cost me, if it didn’t hold up to my running then it would at least be a cute accessory to add to my wardrobe.

But it did hold up to my running.  It is designed to do just that.  I am of the opinion that accessories like this work for some and not for others, when lululemon made this headband they designed it with that specifically in mind.  All the way around on the inside edge it has magic grippy stuff (I am sure there is a more professional way to say that, but whatever) so the headband stays put during the most rigorous and sweatiest of activities.  In addition, the headband is completely adjustable, so if you have a wide head or a long head or a teeny head, you can make it the right size for you.  Genius.

silky, satin and staying put

I’m brimming with joy over the simple fact that I now have several headbands that stay in my hair when I’m running (it’s the little things…).

I’m so excited about it in fact, that I’ve decided I want to give a Skinny Satin Pirouette headband to one of you!  Lululemon has not asked me to do this and I am not getting compensated for it in any way.  They also are not giving me a free headband to give away, I will be purchasing it at full price for this purpose.  I just want to be clear that I love the headband and I’m doing this because I want to do it.

So, that’s that.

All you have to do to enter is be a follower of my blog and leave a comment letting me know that you follow it!

For bonus entries, do the following and leave a separate comment for each, please:

  • Follow me on Twitter at @paceofme
  • Be a fan of my {new} Facebook page
  • Leave a comment sharing with me one of your very favorite never-fails-you running accessories

I’m going to accept entries through Monday, December 26th and will announce the winner on Tuesday, December 27th.

Also, right now Sparkly Soul is offering a 20% discount on orders placed before December 25th.  Just enter the coupon code HOLIDAY at checkout when you place your order!


Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet: Review and Giveaway!

When I’m training and racing and pushing myself beyond my limits it helps me to think of motivating words or phrases that remind me to press on and stay focused.  Sometimes I repeat one word over and over in my head along with the rhythm of my footsteps.  I know that I am not alone in this – it is no secret that mantras are powerful resources for runners.  We pull from deep within ourselves to gather the strength to push through pain as we go farther and faster.

Before races I’ve been known to write on myself with a black permanent marker, a temporary tattoo of sorts, to remind myself of the strength that lies within me.  My favorite word to use is and always has been BELIEVE.  It is a really great word for me and I always love having it right on my wrist but every time I am running more than a few miles it rubs off before the race is over.  I sweat way too much for it to last.

my one word mantra

So, when I discovered the Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelets, I knew immediately that I had to have one.  There are many things that I loved about the bracelets and the company that makes them right off the bat, before I even had one of my own:

The design: They are simple and if you ask me, running jewelry just has to be simple if you are going to wear it at all.  They are neither masculine nor feminine and would work for anyone.

The materials: The band is made of natural leather – it is sweat proof, water proof and will not get smelly.  The metal tag is made of nickel so it will not rust or tarnish.  These bracelets are built to endure the sweatiest of lives.  They are made to last.

The message: Taken right from the Endorphin Warrior web site, this company is all about “celebrating the magnificence of running, endurance training, working out…and living strong.”  I love that.  Could I possibly agree more with a company’s mission?

I was so excited to order one as soon as possible.  Assuming right away that I would get a BELIEVE bracelet, I was surprised that when I saw all the other choices available I actually had a hard time deciding.  CONQUER really appeals to me.  So does PERSEVERE.  Oh and wait, what about FOCUS?!  That would be a great one for me, too.  I went with my original choice of BELIEVE, but I think it will be no time at all before I place an order for another.  And I am certain I will be getting these as gifts for friends, too…

My bracelet came just in time for my marathon yesterday.  If you read my story from this race (here), then you know it was a really challenging race for me but that I came out of it with a 25+ minute PR.  My bracelet played a role in getting me across that finish line yesterday and I am really excited to wear it for the tough work outs and races I have ahead of me.  I love it so much.  When the bracelet is on, I hardly feel it there.  It’s lightweight and snaps on easily and securely.  I wore it for 4+ hours of majorly sweating and it never once bothered me or came off.  Then I showered in it.  And I slept in it.  It stayed put and looked as good as new through it all.

Awesome. Way better than marker. I love it.

Simple and secure snap closure

I am just thrilled to be hosting a giveaway for one of you to win a Warrior Training Bracelet of your own!  The entry rules are very simple and the winner will receive a bracelet with the word of their choosing in the size that fits them (sizing is really easy – I wrapped a string around my wrist and then measured it with a ruler. Nothing to it!).  If you think you would like one for yourself or for a friend, here is the scoop:

* You must be an official follower of my blog to win *

To enter, all you have to do is go to the Endorphin Warrior web site HERE and leave me a comment telling me which bracelet key word you would choose if you win.  It’s as simple as that.

For EXTRA entries, you can do the following [please leave a separate comment for each entry]:

** Follow @EndorphnWarrior on twitter and tweet: I want to win the @EndorphnWarrior bracelet giveaway from @paceofme

** LIKE Endorphin Warrior on Facebook

** Follow Pace of Me on Twitter: @paceofme

The contest ends on 9/27!

Go-Lite Hydration Giveaway and Paying it Forward


One of my favorite people is hosting a great giveaway on her blog – Dorothy at Mile Posts.  I entered of course but in the spirit of the holidays I wanted to share it with you guys too.  I haven’t ever tried these water bottles but I intend to and what better way to try one than when you win one for free!?

To enter Dorothy’s giveaway click here for the simple instructions:  If you don’t already follow her blog I highly recommend that you do.  She is a true inspiration and a treasure of advice on running and balancing life with three kids.

Dorothy is also asking that we vote for her in a contest to win a special handbag.  She entered a photo of her new sweet (and soooo cute) baby boy Colton and if she gets the most votes she’ll win an awesome bag.  All you have to do is become a fan of Treesje Handbags on Facebook and vote for her photo in the contest by “liking” her picture.   As my 5 year old says “easy peasy, lemon squeezy!” and of course doesn’t it feel good to do something nice for someone??

Happy Friday!

awesome giveaway

I am not the one hosting the giveaway – that will be something I hope to do down the road once I have a few (ok, a lot) more followers – but I wanted to share this news as it is truly great (and it gets me one extra entry to post here!).

So my good friend Dorothy who writes an incredibly inspiring and informative running blog called Mile Posts is hosting an awesome giveaway right now for super-great sunglasses by Ryders Eyewear.

Check out her latest post – which is very “eye-opening” (pun completely intended as I am a dork) about the importance of properly protecting your eyes from the sun. Details on how to enter the Ryders giveaway are included, too!
“The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”