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Hi and welcome to my web site! I’m Jess. I love running and spend my days coaching runners, drawing runners and seeking safe and healthy ways to live a balanced and joyful life – sharing my passions, knowledge and experiences here – and with everyone I meet!

I ran my first marathon almost 20 years ago in Philadelphia in November of 2000. It took me over five and a half hours and was a brutal, and also beautiful, experience. I knew when I crossed the finish that it was in fact a new beginning for me. The beginning of lessons that keep on coming. The beginning of a journey that keeps unfolding and evolving, one step at a time.


I have completed 21 marathons, including three Boston Marathons. I have run marathon times as slow as almost 6 hours and as fast as just over 3 hours. I have completed races of every distance from the mile to the 50 miler. Each experience unique and transformative, each helping to shape me into the person I am today. Each one teaching me to dream and to take chances on myself, insisting that I hold onto my faith and my belief that anything is possible.

The irony is that as I have grown, I have realized that running is revealing to me that the best way to get where I’m going is to actually stay right where I am, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel or how badly I want to rush in or dive head first. To embrace and be present in the moment, to trust myself and my journey. I have taken myself to extremes at times, pushing beyond my limits (learning by falling flat on my face!) and discovering new possibilities, but where I have found the greatest depth has been in doing it little by little, step by step, and trusting slow and healthy growth.

I started this blog over 10 years ago as a way to connect with others. I want to share my journey with you, with brave honesty. My hope is that by writing my story here, I will inspire you to believe in yourself, too, and to have the courage to walk (or run!) along your own path, living true to yourself, and creating your best life.

Happy Running!

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