I’m a 40 year old mom of three living in Cary, NC who loves to run and loves to talk about it.

Running has taught me valuable life lessons over the last 16 years, and has revealed me to myself in ways that I am eternally grateful for.

The lessons keep on coming, and I do my best to stay open to them even when they are really painful. And believe me, sometimes they are REALLY painful.

I ran my first marathon in Philadelphia in 2000. I was about two years out of college and feeling heavy and depressed, lost and just so tired of sending myself into a downward spiral day after day. Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol in excess, not sleeping or eating well … not treating my body with love or with respect. I had never even run a 5k and didn’t know anything about marathons, but was inspired by a high school friend who had done one. I liked the idea of following a plan and committing myself to something so big. I also thought that this goal would help me to shed some bad habits – by replacing them with a good one – and it worked. I crossed the finish line and I felt it was in fact marking a new beginning for me. Running had changed me for the better.

Since that cold November day I have completed 19 marathons, including three Boston Marathons. I have run marathon times as slow as almost 6 hours and as fast as 3:11. Each marathon unique and transformative. Each helping to shape me into the person I am today. Teaching me to dream and to take chances on myself. Insisting to me that I hold onto my faith and belief that anything is possible. And revealing to me that the best way to get where I’m going is to be willing to sometimes let go of the wheel. To trust myself and my journey.

I started this blog many years ago as a way to connect with others in this wonderful running community. I want to share my journey with you, with brave honesty. My hope is that by chronicling my story here I will inspire others to believe in themselves, too, and to be open to whatever life and running has to teach them. To know that anything is possible with hard work, dedication — and openness.

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