It’s a New Year. I love fresh starts and setting intentions for growth and change. Here are a few things I want to practice and cultivate skill, comfort and ability with in 2019 and beyond.

– Drawing/painting/lettering…I enjoy this so much and have stepped away from it as a practice over the last few years. I’m not a skilled artist but creative expression with a pen in hand is a part of who I am, and a part I have been neglecting.

– Reading actual books and newspapers. I love to read and this is also something I’ve stepped away from with consistency. I admire my friends who set these lofty goals to read x number of books a year. I want to do the same. Most of the books I do read are about running and training which is great but I want to be captivated by stories and the beauty of prose.

– Writing from my most vulnerable places AND being okay with it being messy and choppy for a while. I need to remember I do this for me. The act of writing helps me sift through my feelings and reflect and dream. I share it here because doing so feels brave to me, and I also value the connections made here so much. But worrying that it’s not well-written or that what I am sharing is boring or not helpful etc etc holds me back from being open or even writing at all.

– Racing. I mean really putting myself to the test. I play it safe most of (as in almost ALL) the time. I do this in so many areas of my life. It’s not that I think that is bad to be careful, I believe it’s a good trait, yet I also see and feel I take it too far. I am just so risk averse and I think it holds me back from fully experiencing what’s possible and from fully feeling things.

There are more, and I will write about them later. This is a good start.

My friend Liz is coming over soon for a sunrise run! I’m so grateful we will start our day together in this way. It has been a long time since we’ve been in a routine. My toe is healed/healing (it is good enough to run on but still feels totally weird) and I am striving to get back in shape (tough stuff!). Having a friend to share the miles with makes it so much more fun, and I know if we weren’t meeting this morning I would probably get stuck in Procrastination Station 🚉

Happy Wednesday! Happy second day of 2019.

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