Run with Integrity

Run with Integrity.

I imagine these words etched in my heart. Every choice I am making right now, with regards to my training, my parenting, my relationships, my self-care, my coaching, my teaching … my human-ing!, is infused with the word Integrity. A theme, of sorts.


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I am making it a practice to check in with myself over and over again, committing and recommitting to how I want to be, how I want to get where I am going, who I am and who I want to be.

Committing to the process. Understanding that it is not a one-and-done, it’s an evolution. It is assessing and adjusting and adapting over and over again and that is the beauty and the magic of it all. Truly.

What does it mean to me to Run with Integrity?

It means that I accept, embrace and celebrate where I am in each moment, and run within my current level of fitness and ability. By being honest with myself about where I am, and doing the work in the moment, I open myself up to limitless possibilities.

It means that I honor the purpose of every run and workout, while listening to what my body needs. If it is a rest day, I REST. If it is a workout, I show up and I execute according to plan and I give it my very best. If it is an easy run, I keep it dang easy!!!

It means that I run the mileage I set out to run and don’t add on miles here or there willy-nilly without revisiting my plan and making appropriate adjustments accordingly.

It means that for my long runs, I go into them prepared – hydrated and fueled and thoughtful about the execution. I practice my nutrition the day and night before, the morning of and on the run. I don’t skip out on the fueling piece. I know it’s important.

It means that I do my muscle activation routine, stick to my daily foam rolling and physical therapy exercises. It means I do my Pilates, yoga and strength workouts. I don’t toss any of that out or rush through it. I believe in it. I know it all matters so I do it.

It means that I eat good, real and nutritious foods on a daily basis. That way, I go into my runs and workouts with energy and a happy gut. It means that I take my supplements daily. It means that I don’t get lazy about what I put in my body.

It means that when I am tired, I rest. I prioritize sleep. I do not ignore what my body is telling me when it needs to rest.

It means that I write. I write in my personal journal. I keep a running journal. It means I am open and transparent with myself and I pay attention to what I am feeling and thinking. I set intentions daily. I practice being thankful. I practice loving myself.

It means that I share my journey with the people I trust, who I know are there for me and who can help me. These people are my husband, my sisters, my very best friends. And they are also professionals – I check in with my chiropractor, my physical therapist, my massage therapist and my cognitive behavioral therapist each once a month. These people help me stay connected and honest and healthy.

It means that I prioritize the process over any sort of end goal. And it means that I trust that by doing so, I will be happy with the result.

It means that I believe that HOW I choose to get there will be WHO I show up as when I get there. So all the little things are big things, and they all matter.

I want to know deep down inside that I can feel proud of my choices and of however things unfold, because I acted and I ran with Integrity.

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