February Reflections + March Goals

Last night as my family and I sat down at the dinner table for “Taco Tuesday” the topic of conversation was all about February. We listed off all of the exciting things that happened and accomplishments that were realized over the last 28 days, and it filled my heart with such joy! We had a good month in our household ❤:

We definitely had some bumps in our road in February, like the 2 WEEKS that ALL of us were sick with a nasty cold virus (Will missed 5 days of school!) and the road to getting Riley her eye surgery was rough – 4 vet appointments and worries that she may have a tumor or glaucoma. She is 15 and I am always teetering between being so thankful that she is still around and relatively healthy, and feeling sad that it is evident that she is so old and may not be around much longer. But honestly, we rode out the tough stuff well and overall it was a truly wonderful February!

We are heading into March with a lot on our calendar, as well as some goals! I am really loving the reflective practice we do as a family, and how we support one another in our efforts to accomplish our personal goals. It is a habit I am enjoying cultivating not only for my family members but also for myself. We are in this together.

So, with all that in mind, here are my personal goals for March:

I am looking forward to the month ahead. Definitely nervous about the foot …. but also hopeful and grateful!

What were your February highlights? What are you looking forward to or reaching for in March?