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Those three words together mean so much to me, they’re meaning going so far beyond the trails or the track or the most difficult to reach finish line.

Finding my strong is something I do on a daily basis.  It’s how I get through the most chaotic moments of my life as a working mom of three young children.  My strong is always inside of me, though it’s not always so easy for me to connect to.  I reel myself in with these three words often, when I’m feeling myself slipping into negative thought patterns or having moments when I feel weak or when I doubt myself or my abilities to do hard things … or in some cases, to just keep it together.

I connect with my inner strength in many ways, but over the years I’ve learned that for me, the best place to do that is while I am running.  Sometimes fast, sometimes up hills, sometimes coasting for long stretches of time.

Me on the run is me finding my strong.

A few years ago when I started working towards getting my first ever Boston qualifying time, I felt ready to try a “faster” shoe for track workouts and tempo runs.  I went to the running store and tested many pairs of shoes and decided that the Saucony Kinvara 2 was the perfect solution for me at the time.

I will never forget the shoe’s bright blue color, or how light and fast and strong and brave I felt in them.

Buying those blue shoes symbolized courage and strength for me.  I was stepping into them as I stepped up to work towards a dream that for many years I never even dared to consider as a possibility in my life. That training cycle I wore my Saucony Kinvaras every week for speed work and gradually spent more and more time in them.  I wound up wearing the them for my marathon – my first ever Boston qualifying time and a 8 minute PR.

Over the last few years my feet have found themselves happiest running in Saucony shoes.  I wear the Rides and Cortanas for my longer runs and when my legs need some recovery.  The Kinvaras are still my favorite shoe for longer intervals and tempo runs and I’ve raced in them for every distance from the 5k to the marathon.  I enjoy the Mirages for easy runs and long runs sometimes too.  The Type A6 made its way onto my feet last summer for the first time – they are a true “fast shoe” in my eyes as they are a racing flat – and I have worn them for fast track workouts and 5ks.  I recently ordered my first pair of Fastwitch and will be working my way into those for track workouts and some racing distances like the 10 miler and half marathon this training cycle.

Needless to say, I really love my Saucony shoes and they have been a huge part of my journey as a runner.

Finding my strong in the Saucony Cortana 3

My love for my shoes is about more than the shoes though.  I’ve learned that the company is really, really amazing – the brand and the message, the history and the products, the support for the running community and for everyone who runs whether they are a “newbie” or an elite or somewhere in between, the passion and the dedication to our sport – it’s a big package of awesomeness that I am really proud and thankful to represent with the shoes I choose to put on my feet.

So a few months ago when Saucony reached out to me about participating in an amazing program they created called 26Strong, I could not have been more excited.  It is truly incredible and to say I am honored and grateful to be a part of it is such a gigantic understatement.

Saucony has chosen 13 experienced female marathoners (including me!) to coach and mentor 13 women as they prepare for their first ever 26.2 mile journey.  I gave a lot of thought to who I would pick to be my partner and how we would go about making this the best possible experience for her and also hopefully inspire others along the way.

My “cadet” is my friend Kathryn.  She came into my life recently, just this past winter, at a time when I was really in need of some help with my own life’s path and purpose.  I am so grateful to have this opportunity to help her do something amazing.

Just as she has helped me find my strong, I am going to help her find hers.

And we are going to have a ton of fun along the way.

Kathryn & me

I have a lot of stories to tell you guys, and this is just the beginning.  The 26Strong program will officially launch on May 30th, in just 10 days.  I hope you will enjoy following along with us as we embark on this amazing adventure!

You can read about us here and also visit the 26Strong pages and search the hashtag #26strong:

Twitter – @saucony26strong
Instagram – @saucony26strong
Facebook – Saucony 26Strong

To top it off and kick it off with extra excitement, Saucony has offered to give a pair of shoes away to one of my readers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The giveaway ends at 11:59PM on Thursday, May 22nd.

Winner will be announced some time on Friday, May 23rd.

One winner will receive any Saucony shoe they choose.

Winner has one week to claim the prize – I will contact you via email or social media.

All entries will be verified.

Winner will be chosen at random via Rafflecopter.

Open to US residents only.

Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any questions!  Good luck!

32 thoughts on “26Strong & Saucony Shoe Giveaway!

  1. I find my strong through training and spending time with friends. I lost my dad this past December and now strong has a whole new meaning to me. Sometimes strong is finishing a double brick and sometimes it's just getting out of bed and starting the day.

  2. Funny enough, I find my strong through the stories of other people. I love hearing how other people succeed in their running and other aspects of their lives, and it helps me build confidence in my own path.

  3. I have overcome some serious disordered eating and disordered running habits to now begin to focus on what works and fuels my body. i Train smart, eat right and have become stronger through it! I work every day towards getting my BQ! I will get there one day!

  4. I find my strong in many ways – by reading the journey of others like you, by looking at my children and wanting to set a good example for them or from watching someone work so hard at something and come out the other side victorious. This past Sunday I had the pleasure of supporting a dear friend in the last 14 miles of her second marathon. This girl hates the hills, but I watched her power up them even in the last few miles. She doesn't consider herself a fast runner, but she is one of the most dedicated and driven people I know. Seeing her achieve a 12-minute PR and run across the finish line with her three littles has given me the drive to continue pushing forward and achieve my dreams.

    I just purchased my first pair of Saucony, the Kinvara4 and I am in love. Why I didn't try them sooner, I don't know. I'd sure love to get my feet in a pair of the 5s!

  5. Can't wait to read about Kathryn's journey with you! It's so exciting to see runners helping other runners achieve their goals and dreams! When I think of “finding my strong” I think of each time I get to the starting line of a race… Fighting all of the doubts, fear and anxiety I may have about running and racing but showing up because I know I can do it!

  6. Jess–YOU ARE STRONG 🙂 🙂 Miss you friend, and I can wait to come back to VA. When do you go to the beach this summer?!?! (PS I don't leave comments but…shoes!)

  7. I love my Saucony's too! I've had every model of Cortana's since 2010, including the orange ones you have on in the picture. So excited for you and you friend to travel this journey together– she is one lucky lady! Lately, I find my strong by being mindful when I run, especially when it's uncomfortable!

  8. finding my strong? i work two jobs to support my family and am in grad school all while finding time to train — i find my strong daily, from the road to the desk life. 🙂

  9. I find my strong in others' stories and also knowing that I'm setting an example for my daughter. I can tell her whatever I want, but she's more apt to follow my actions than my words. Or she'll call me out!

  10. I find my strong through my work as a physical therapist. I have had the pleasure of working with so many inspirational patients along the way. I also find my strong when I think about my three little girls. I want to be a wonderful example of health and happiness for them.

  11. I find my strong from running and training with my friends who inspire me with their dedication and determination! What an awesome opportunity for you to train someone for their first marathon! I can't wait to read about the journey.

  12. I feel like I now you already (via Dora Elmore), and I can't wait to meet you at Ragnar! You story put my feelings out there for the world to hear. I have just been introduced to Kinvara and PRed a 10K in a borrowed pair just last weekend. They have made me feel like I can fly and now I have Boston stars in my eyes. I am committing now to the training and I hope to Kinvara's on my feet during the journey. It is my new obsession! Thanks for a chance to win a pair and thanks for being an inspiration

  13. I love the way you describe that first “fast shoe” purchase and the way it made you feel:) I run in the Shay for track and 5K's and they make me feel so fast and strong. The Ride, Kinvara and Fastwitch are all in my rotation too. The Kinvara is a favorite, but I love the cushion of the Ride when my legs are tired. So excited for your journey as a “vet”!

  14. This is such an amazing opportunity and I just love that Saucony does this!!!! I too am a Saucony super fan and I hope to also one day represent them in some way!!! The 26 strong project to me is one of the best ideas I have heard of! It gets people motivated and inspired…not just the runners, but the people who follow them! I am in th ebest shoe rotation I have ever used right now. Ride 6 and Kinvara 5. My opinion is that the Kinvara 5 is the best shoe I have ever worn!!!! I LOVE it!
    I show my strong through my everyday life. To my family my friends my readers on my blog…I try to encourage and in doing so I am blessed and encouraged right back :)!

  15. I find my strong through running. I am never stronger than when I have finished a good, long run. My only running shoes are Saucony Omni's. Love em!

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