little things are big things

I believe in the power of little things.

When done regularly, they add up to BIG things.

I don’t remember the exact moment it really clicked for me, but somewhere along the way (and really over the last year or so) I have truly realized that what really matters when it comes to having big dreams – in running and in life – are the little things that we commit ourselves to every single day to make them into a reality.

Last week we were at the beach and this really began to seep in for me.  I just couldn’t stop thinking about how every little thing we do and feel, makes us who we are.

As a tiny example that turned out to be not all that tiny for me, last summer I made a commitment to myself that I would do 5 minutes of core exercises a day.  At first, 5 minutes seemed like FOREVER.  But every day, even though the exercises have never gotten easier for me (and I mean that – I have gotten stronger but nothing is easier!), the thought of 5 minutes of doing them is a no-brainer for me now.  Many days I choose to do more than that.  Because I am seeing a difference.  Because I am feeling a difference.  Because I know that doing it, well it just matters to me almost more than any result does that others can see.  Because when I don’t do it, I feel like a bump on a log.  It’s changing the way I feel on the inside, and is helping me believe in myself and in the importance of making time for taking care of myself.  It’s this little thing that is making a big difference for me from the inside out.

I made a commitment to myself to treat myself RIGHT.  To acknowledge my negative-thought demons and hear what they have to say, because on some level I think there is something to be learned from them, but to not engage with them.  To let go of my fears about what other people might think of me and my “pie-in-the-sky dreams” in running and life, and go after them anyway because they are important to me.  Because working towards them, working towards making myself a better me from the inside out, makes me feel ALIVE and reminds me that I have a purpose here.  It lights me up.

I am dedicated to all the little things because my dreams are BIG to me, and I believe that maybe my courage to go after them will inspire not only myself but also others around me and in my world, and THAT is why they matter.

I know it is working because I am getting stronger and I am feeling more grateful and alive than ever before.  Paces that used to leave me feeling nauseous after a mile or two are now my easy/long run times.  I haven’t pushed myself on the track or in a workout in a long time and I’m feeling so excited about the start of my marathon training because every bit of my body and soul is craving those “deplete me to fill me up” kinds of workouts.  I have mustered up a lot of courage lately, been dedicated to moving and looking forward while soaking up the moment I’m in.  The little things are where it’s at and I truly believe they are going to lead to big things.

grateful after 8 happy sweaty miles


10 thoughts on “little things are big things

  1. Ever since the kids got out of school, I have neglected the little things for myself, and it hasn't taken long for me to spiral downward. I think I felt so guilty running back to back marathons that I told myself that I would give them my undivided attention this summer. The truth is, I'm not the best version of myself unless I am doing the little things, and guilt is never an emotion to engage in, or take action from. So grateful that you wrote about this, I've been struggling and now you have made things clear again.

  2. Very nice! I think we are all going through something like you. The blogs I have been reading are carrying the same undercurrent: enjoy the little things, recommit yourself to your goal, and be motivated. This is why I love the blogging fitness community.

    Asphalt & Trails

  3. Great reminder! Sometimes we are too focused on the big picture to notice the small details that are most important! I need to work on this especially during marathon training… finishing MCM is such a big “prize” athat it's easy to lose sight of the day to day progress I'm making.

  4. What a beautiful and true post. I think so many people look at running a half marathon or marathon or ultra or any big goal and think that it is too large to conquer, when in reality, it is the small victories achieved day after day that make it possible. Lovely words. Thanks for sharing!

  5. would love to know what the core work is? and love this post…it's what i am reminding myself every day. each annoying PT exercise is part of a much bigger goal!! xoxo

  6. 5 minutes? I can handle that. What a great idea. It's all a part of the bigger picture of keeping me strong and injury free! Challenge accepted.

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