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I will never forget the first time that I discovered and used BodyGlide.  It was several years ago, in the dead heat of a typical scorching and humid DC summer when I was in the thick of marathon training.  I had been repeatedly chafing in a serious way from my bra despite slathering myself with Vaseline and Aquafor – a bright red line right under my chest that would fade and scar and then rage up all over again the during next weekend’s long run.  Raw, tender skin between my thighs, thanks to them rubbing against one another over and over again with each step I took.  Showering after my long runs was so miserable, more painful than any muscle soreness or fatigue I would endure from actually running and pushing my limits.  The sting of the water on my irritated skin would literally make me cringe.  I also found that I would get terrible blisters on my feet over and over again, usually on my poor toes due to the swelling of my feet from the heat.

For years, I had just kind of accepted that chafing and blisters were some of those annoying things that runners were forced to put up with.  That they came with the territory, and we just had to deal with them and move on.  Try not to let them break our spirits.

And then, one day while paying for a new pair of shoes at my local running store (Potomac River Running), I noticed right by the cash register that they had this product called BodyGlide that promised to save our skin and feet from chafing and blistering.  I read the package and thought to myself “NO. WAY.” – it had to be a gimmick!  I asked the salesclerk about it and he told me very emphatically that he swore by the stuff.  That he never went for a run without using it and that ever since he started using it he hadn’t chafed or blistered AT ALL.

So I decided to try it.

And I seriously could not believe what a huge difference it made for me.  Where had this product been all my running life!?

Thanks to BodyGlide, I do not chafe or blister anymore.  I use it in a MAJOR way in the summer months especially.  Whether I’m going for a 3 mile run or a 30 mile run, I am very generously and VERY liberally applying BodyGlide to all of my potentially problem spots before I head out (for me, this is my feet/toes, my bra line, between my thighs, and where my tank cuts under my arms).

If I ever forget to use it or get lazy about it, I totally pay for it.
And trust me, it’s not pretty.

Losing my BodyGlide would seriously make me want to cry so for this reason I keep it handy in a few places around my house.  I have a stick of it in my car and one in my bag for when I go to the track or to a race.  I also have one that lives in my bathroom upstairs, where I typically get dressed before going out for a run in the early mornings while my family is still sleeping.

I am amazed by how awful chafing and blistering could make a run or race experience before I found BodyGlide.  I could be feeling so strong and working so hard, and then the pain and annoyance of a developing blister or rubbing/stinging skin would distract me and throw me SO off mentally.  Finding BodyGlide was like a miracle to me – such a simple and easy solution for preventing this from happening!

I cannot tell you guys how excited I was when BodyGlide asked me to be their first ever ambassador recently!  There really is no other product on the market that does what it does or that is made with such quality (plant-derived, oil-free) ingredients.  I am so proud to represent them and to tell anyone and everyone who will listen about why I think this product is an ESSENTIAL item for every runner.

For years I have used the original Anti-Chafe BodyGlide and it has worked amazingly, and recently I discovered the “For Her” formula which has Vitamin F in it to provide extra moisture and hydration for sensitive skin.  I love them both!

Have you ever tried BodyGlide before?  Do you swear by it like I do?  Are you curious to try it out?  Two lucky readers of my blog will be chosen to win some BodyGlide!!!

There are four simple ways to enter, and here’s how: (please leave a separate comment here for EACH entry):

  • Like BodyGlide on Facebook (click here)
  • Follow BodyGlide on Twitter (click here) and tweet: I want to win the @BodyGlide giveaway from @paceofme
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** Two winners will each receive one tube of BodyGlide.  Must be a US resident to enter.  Contest ends on Friday 5/24 at midnight EST and the winners will be announced via blog post shortly thereafter.  The winners have one week to claim their prize before back up winners are chosen. **

49 thoughts on “BodyGlide – Review & Giveway

  1. Yay for BodyGlide! In my most recent blog post, I talked about how I used to only be able to run 5 miles at a time because the chafing would be so horrible under my sports bra. It is one of the main reasons I can run distances comfortably!

  2. My wife just finished her first marathon a couple of weeks ago and could have used some of this during the run. I think she might be hooked even though she lost a couple of toenails!

    I like BodyGlide on Facebook.

  3. I love body glide! I've used the for her formula for a while. I also have their heat therapy stick, which is great on sore muscles. Before body glide I was a chaffing hurting mess. Now I can run long and happy!

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