stepping into a dream ~ Boston

I’m on the edge of this incredible experience and it all feels like a magical dream about to come true.

I am a girl with her head in the clouds.
Always have been.
Hope to always be.

Some dreams are just simply fun to conjure up and put out there – the act of dreaming fills my heart with such wonder as I contemplate the seemingly endless possibilities in life.  But there are some dreams that just have a special quality to them that makes your heart want to LEAP.  Courage swells inside you like a wave and this gives you the wings to go after your dream.  You find yourself determined to do all you can to make it into a reality.  There is no looking back.  Who knows really where it will take you – most likely to places you never really imagined.

This is what happened with my dream of running Boston.

The pursuit of a dream is filled with twists and turns and surprises and discoveries.

It’s never easy – NOT EVER – but it is always worth it.

Goodness knows there were so many times that I struggled and failed and almost gave up.  So many days I had to pick myself up again and again.

And again.

I am so glad that I did.  So grateful I never gave up.

And here I am.

Fully aware that I am stepping into a dream that I have EARNED.

I cannot wait to set my feet in Boston.  To run my heart out there.  To soak up all the amazingness of this race, of this community, of this sport that I love so very, very much.  This sport that has helped shape me and has shown me sides of myself I never knew existed.  Any marathon I train for and run is a celebration of sorts to me.  But Boston is special.  Especially this Boston – my first Boston.  A race that is coming off of the most difficult stretch of months in my entire life in so many ways.  I cannot even describe to you how I am feeling in this moment – words aren’t doing justice at all.


H A P P Y.

Tomorrow  afternoon I will be getting on a plane to Boston with my mother.  She is coming with me and I am so thankful to share this with her.  I am feeling so strong, so grateful, so aware and so open to all that this experience has in store for me.

I cannot wait!!!!

17 thoughts on “stepping into a dream ~ Boston

  1. In many ways, I, like many of your readers, feel like we have traveled this path together. I have followed your blog, read about all of your hard work, your successes, and all of the times you had to pick yourself up. To say that you are an inspiration to me is a large understatement, we are connected by sport, by blog, by motherhood and we are connected by love of the marathon, and now we will line up at the 117th running of the Boston Marathon, together, for the first time… #SistersInSport I wish you that feather light feeling, strength and courage Monday morning… fly away and capture your dream Jess! This is your race!

  2. Very exciting!!! I've been fortunate to have run the last 3 years (even consider last year's 90 degree temps fortunate), so I wish you the best experience as you OWN that course!! Soak it all in and enjoy the experience 🙂

    I'll be helping at water stop mile 7 and hopefully help you and others to the next mile….


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