coming back to yoga



Step out of doubt.

Be open.

We grow where we are uncomfortable.
Go there, to those uncomfortable places.
Amazing things can – and will – happen there.


Trust your path.
Trust your choices.
Trust your strength.

DRENCH yourself in possibility.

Let go of judgement.  Judgement of yourself.  Judgement of others.

Last night I went to a yoga class.  It was the first real yoga class I have been to since before Gus was born (he just turned two years old!).  Yoga is something I used to do regularly.  To be honest, I feel about yoga the same way I feel about running – it takes me to my edges, connects me with myself, helps me find balance, cleanses me from the inside out, brings me face to face with my fears and encourages me to let go of them and to grow through them.

I have really missed it.

I am bringing it back into my life.  Making time for it.  Time to stretch and breathe and grow and sweat.  To let things out and let things in.

Whether it’s just five minutes a day on my living room floor while my kids swirl and jump and play around me or a 90-minute class in a heated room guided by a teacher (this will be a huge treat whenever it happens) — I am making time to do yoga every single day from here on out.  I’m recommitting myself to the practice.  It is something I owe myself.  My body.  My mind.  My spirit.

After my fall on the trails, Dr. Wong suggested that I spend more time stretching out my back by going into child’s pose once a day for at least a few minutes to open it up and get the tight muscles to relax.  I took his advice and was quickly made aware of how much I missed practicing yoga.  Then I started doing other familiar-but-abandoned yoga postures like pigeon (oh hellloooo hips) and cat-cow (more yumminess for my back), and I realized how much I missed it and how restorative it is for me on so many levels.  Even if it’s just a few minutes a day.

Restoring balance is a huge priority for me right now.  And I really believe that yoga will help me do that.

What about you – do you practice yoga?  Do you have a favorite posture?  What are your favorite ways to sweat it out other than to run?

5 thoughts on “coming back to yoga

  1. Yoga is something I would love to get into, but its so hard to make myself do. I'm just so not flexible it's hard and embarrassing! Still it feel it would be great to help prevent injuries and loosen up!

  2. Yoga has very much been “right” for me over the past year. It's been feeding and soothing my soul. It started out as purely a physical thing – to improve my flexibility and make me a stronger runner – but it's become much more than that. I love twists and hip openers and backbends and heart openers – pretty much everything 🙂 Love that you are making more time for it.

  3. oh i love it so much! but i've stopped since the hip injury. i was worried it was too much stress on the hip muscles. i love the balance poses (tree), and i love the twists and hip openers too.

  4. I love yoga and practice is at least twice a week. It helps balance out all of the running I do and keeps away any and all aches. I love balance poses the most because I like to challenge myself.

  5. I just started yoga a few months ago. I was so scared to go to a class because I'm not very flexible. I thought I'd hate it, but I absolutely LOVED it. I think it took one class to get me totally hooked.

    I try to do some yoga everyday, but don't succeed all the time. For the most part I have though so I'm happy about that!

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