Saucony Shoe Love – and a sneak peak at the Mirage 3

It is no secret that I have a thing for Saucony shoes.  My feet are just HAPPY in them.

And when my feet are happy, I’m happy.

happy feet in the Saucony Kinvara 3

I started running in my first pair, the Kinvara 2, a little over a year ago and pretty much fell HARD for every pair that I tried after that.  When the Kinvara 3 came out, I was nervous because they made so many changes to that shoe (you can read my review here), but as it turns out those changes were improvements that made me love the shoe even more (thank goodness!).

I’ve found a Saucony shoe to meet the purpose of every kind of running that I do, and I even love the old school shoes for life when I’m not running (the Bullet and the Jazz are my favorites).

true shoe love

I’m a neutral runner, so the ones that have typically worked best for me are the Kinvara (for track workouts, tempo runs, occasional long runs and all races from the 5k to the marathon), the Ride (a great trainer, this shoe is a neutral shoe with an 8mm drop and some cushioning) and the Triumph (another excellent trainer, also neutral with an 8mm drop, but with a little more cushioning than the Ride).

Saucony Ride – love.

I tried the Cortana in the late summer and loved it – this shoe has a 4mm drop, an element of stability and LOTS of cushioning.  I turn to it frequently for recovery runs, some long runs and days when my legs are just feeling a little more tired than usual.

hello Cortana, you have a place in my heart too

Lately I have been exploring the trails and discovered the Kinvara TR and the Peregrine.  I took the Kinvara TR out for 10 miles last weekend and guess what?  I loved them.  I’m going to write a more detailed post about them soon.  They are amazing and make a huge difference when slogging through mud or traversing over rocks.

Kinvara TR.  Maybe the happiest place for my feet is in the mud.

And then there is the Mirage.  This shoe is AWESOME.  It’s got a 4mm drop like the Kinvara, but has more cushioning and is also a stability/motion control shoe.  It feels great on my feet.

colorful and happy in the Mirage 2

You might be wondering why in the world a neutral runner would put herself in a stability shoe and call it love?  I’ll tell you … the simple fact is that even the most neutral runners will get tired after running for a long time.  And as we get tired, what changes?  Our stride.  It is inevitable.  The element of motion control in the Mirage really makes a difference to me in the later miles of a long run and feels great on a recovery day.  The shoe is lighter in weight than a trainer but has a 4mm drop like the Kinvara.  It has a purpose in my training and I have really grown to love it.

Saucony is getting ready to introduce the Mirage 3 on February 1st.  I’ve heard that they are making some major improvements to it just like they did with the Kinvara last year.  This makes me excited because my experience with the 3rd generation of Kinvara was such a positive one.  But, as we all know, any time a running shoe goes through major changes there is a *chance* we will be disappointed or it just won’t work for us any longer.  I have been crossing my fingers (and shoe laces) in hopes that the Mirage 3 changes would make me happy.

As it turns out, last weekend when I met up with some good friends for a 16 mile long run – my friend Maddie and I were both INCREDIBLY LUCKY to be loaned a pair of the Mirage 3 to test out (thank you Jeff!!!).

Can you tell how happy our feet are!  So excited.

Before I even put the shoe on my foot, I knew I would love it.  I could already tell it was lighter in weight and I loved the sleeker design elements.  The shoe felt incredible from start to finish, and the miles just flew by.  We ran an average pace of 7:34 with very even and consistent splits and my feet felt like wings.

Mirage 3: 16 miles of perfection

My sneak peak of the Mirage 3 only made me more excited to get this shoe on my feet again.  To say the least, it was not easy to hand them back to Jeff after the run!  There is no question that the Mirage 3 will hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorite shoes of all time.

Once again, Saucony has me head over heels in love with a new shoe.  If you are a fan of the Mirage 2 like I am, I am sure you will not be disappointed with the upgrades in the Mirage 3.

This shoe is AMAZING.

Do you have Saucony shoe love like I do?  Which ones are your favorites?  Are you excited about the Mirage 3?  Are you a neutral runner who sometimes wears a stability shoe? 

23 thoughts on “Saucony Shoe Love – and a sneak peak at the Mirage 3

  1. I love Saucony shoes – I run in the Kinvaras and got to test the Triumph 10s, but I love my Mirage 2s!! I cannot wait to try the Mirage 3 – how lucky you got to test them!!

  2. It's not even fair for me to make a comment on this post!! Saucony's were my first real running shoe when I became a runner, and I ran my first marathon in them. Since then I have had at leat 10+ pairs of different models. Love Saucony!

  3. I love my Sauconys as well, especially the Mirages!! I've been running in the 3s for about a month now and can tell you that the shoe is amazing. It only gets better with time! I now wear them on most of my runs and can't wait to get another pair when they launch in Feb 🙂

    The only thing I'd say is that the Mirage isn't a true stability shoe (vs something like the Guides or the Omnis). They do have more guidance than the Kinvara, but they're still a more neutral shoe designed for neutral to slight over-pronators. Anyway…I really hope you don't mind me commenting on this!! I just wanted to put it out there for runners who may be interested in trying them but might be scared away by the “stability” factor!

  4. Love the saucOny talk. I have been running in kinavara for awhile 1,2 and 3). Also have run in hurricane and live the fastwitch for racing.

  5. I am a big Saucony fan, even before I started running this past summer. My local running store put me in a Hurricane (need the stability!) and they are great! Even my 2.5 yr old daughter has a pair of Saucony's that keep her running. I keep hoping my shoes wear out soon so I have a good excuse to find a new pair… 😉

  6. Lauren C,
    Thank you for your comment. You are absolutely right in your description. The Mirage3 does not have a dual-density post as traditional stability/motion control shoes have. This shoe does have more torsional structure as a result of a TPU bridge in the midsole. This gives the shoe a touch of guidance and does not flex and twist as much as other Natural Motion shoes like the Kinvara. This can add to efficiency over shorter faster distances and add to protection over longer slower distances. I am a neutral runner and the Mirage 3 is my go-to trainer for just about every situation.

    Lauren S,
    No need to wait for one shoe to wear out. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce a secondary trainer that you can alternate with your primary trainer and better compliment the variety of your training with variety in your footwear.

  7. I just got my very first pair of Sauconys, the Shadow ones, (4mm drop) after looking for Kinvaras which they didn`t have in my shop. I only run in a single pair of shoes currently but truly fell in love with my new kicks and looking forward to upgrading to both the Kinvara as well as the Mirage 3 as soon as possible. I first read about the Mirage 3 on another blog and was hooked on the very positive review and description. Now I truly cannot wait to get my hands (feet) on a pair.

  8. thanks for the comments, everyone! lauren c – yes! so glad that you shared your valuable input! jeff – thanks for everything. this is all really great info and hopefully will be helpful to others. after wearing the mirage 3 just for one run, i cannot wait to get them and make them a regular part of my training. they are fantastic shoes! thank you so much to everyone for your thoughts and helpful info!

  9. So curious to try these! I have been running in the Kinvaras for a year and have done 2 half marathons in them. This fall I am planning my first FULL marathon and I have been wondering how my Kinvaras would feel for the longer training runs. I have been told I am neutral to slight pronation. Sounds like the Mirages might be what I will need. Thanks for the review!

  10. I love my Saucony's. When I am racing my favorite thing to see is a strong Marine waiting to help me with whatever I need. Luckily I live close enough to do the Marine Corps series regularly. My dream would be to have them carry me the last five miles of a marathon, but alas the joy of finishing is much better doing it under my own power… so maybe if they just carry me around after the finish line.

  11. I am so glad I found this! I have been searching to see if the Mirage would be suitable for a neutral runner, and it from the comments posted it seems that it's perfect! I've been running in Saucony for years and I love the Kinvara, I wanted something with a touch more…but not too much as I love light weight shoes. It seems I must get myself a pair of Mirage! Thank you!


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