6 weeks to go …

6 weeks left until Marine Corps Marathon on October 28th.  6 weeks.  I kind of can’t believe it.  In some ways, I feel like I have been training for this race for forever and in other ways I feel like it is just still so very far away.  6 weeks feels like a long time but I know it will be here so soon.

Yesterday I set out for another long run.  The goal was to feel comfortable the whole time, to try to negative split it if I could (I am working on starting slower and easing into a faster yet still comfortable pace) and hopefully come in with my average pace somewhere around an 8:00/mile.

Here are my splits for my 21 mile long run yesterday:

Mile 1 – 8:42
Mile 2 – 8:26
Mile 3 – 8:00
Mile 4 – 8:05
Mile 5 – 8:07
Mile 6 – 8:05
Mile 7 – 7:57
Mile 8 – 8:18
Mile 9 – 7:54
Mile 10 – 7:52
Mile 11 – 7:44
Mile 12 – 7:59
Mile 13 -7:57
Mile 14 – 7:54
Mile 15 – 7:49
Mile 16 – 7:29
Mile 17 – 7:51
Mile 18 – 8:05
Mile 19 – 8:08
Mile 20 – 8:16
Mile 21 – 7:50

Average pace – 8:01.  Second half for sure faster than the first.  I did what I set out to do.

I’m at this point in my training where every week I reach a new mileage high.  Not by much – I am inching upwards very conservatively by just a few miles more each week and also take a step back every few weeks – but nevertheless I have never run so many miles in my life.  And I have never felt better or stronger.

78.98 miles total last week.  And this week I am going to hit 80 for the first time in my life if all goes according to plan.  I am getting really close to hitting the peak of my training and then it will be time to taper.

MCM, I am coming for you!!  6 weeks til go time.

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  1. Awesome negative split long run! I have never hit 80 miles before — what a great couple of weeks of training you are in right now. You are seriously going to kill it at MCM. Yes, 6 weeks still seems like a lot but it is really 3 weeks of training and then almost 3 weeks of taper. You are almost there!

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