Pilates for Runners!

I would not be the runner, or the person, I am today if it were not for Pilates.  I am passionate about it because it has changed my life.  Because it has made me more self aware and stronger from the inside out.  Because dedicating myself to Pilates has allowed me to run with more efficiency, more comfort, more strength and more confidence.
Before being introduced to Pilates a few years ago, I would carry myself in an almost haphazard way.  Never paying any attention to my posture or to what muscles I was or wasn’t using.  I would suffer from lower back pain frequently and be sidelined from normal activity – laying on the couch with ice on my back as my children played around me.  It was terrible.  I wanted to be more fit and strong and I loved to run, but I found that when I would run long distances and get further into my training, my body would tire and my form would collapse resulting in injury and chronic pain.  My core was not strong enough and as I got tired it all just felt apart.  I would slump over and my back and shoulders would ache.  With my shoulders hunched and my chest caved in, my breathing was then compromised and everything felt like such hard work.  My pace would slow often to a walk and I just felt like giving up and often did.  It was not fun.  Something had to change if I wanted to keep running and if I wanted to improve as a runner.  I needed to commit myself to having a stronger core, to being more self aware.
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Pilates has made such an impact in my life that I now teach it and am so passionate about sharing it with others and helping them to live and run pain free – feeling stronger than they ever thought possible.  Teaching my class at my sister Jodi’s studio, Reston Pilates, is absolutely one of the most satisfying and rewarding things that I do each and every week.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with my students.

This coming Sunday morning, August 12th at 9:00AM, my very favorite running store Potomac River Running is hosting an awesome free event – “Pilates in the Pavilion” – a one hour outdoor Pilates class designed for runners and taught by runners – my sister Jodi and me!  I am so excited about it and hope that if you are local you will come and bring your friends!

Prepare to experience a GREAT core workout – abs, back, pelvis, hips, and shoulders.  Improve your strength and flexibility and enhance your running efficiency, speed, confidence, and prevent injury.  Pilates will help you move with ease, free from stress or strain on the muscles and joints.  Pilates teaches body awareness, mental focus, and encourages proper alignment. When we tire in the late stages of a long run or race, having a strong core and greater self awareness enables us to engage our core muscles and maintain good posture and form.
It is going to be a fantastic event!  =PR= is even going to raffle off a pair of the new Asics Gel Lyte 33 and they’re also going to throw in a few other Asics goodies!

To sign up for this free event (and to enter the raffle), just click HERE.  You have to be present to win the raffle if your name is chosen.
I hope you will come to this awesome event – whether you are new to running or have been running for a long time this will be a great opportunity for you to experience Pilates with other runners and feel the difference it can make for you.  It is going to be a beautiful morning and the Reston Town Center is such a fun place – you can go for a quick run beforehand (that’s what I plan to do!) and then after the class grab a yummy coffee or brunch with your family or friends.  I hope to see you there!

7 thoughts on “Pilates for Runners!

  1. Oh I wish I lived near! 🙁 Maybe you could offer some sort of on-line pilates classes? With a fee of course….I'm in hickville where there's nothing around

  2. Jess – I agree 100% with you…strengthening your core is SO important for running. I had focused on pilates for a while, but am embarrassed to admit that since pregnancy #1 haven't done really any core work.
    I wish I lived closer – I would definitely come out to the event!!!

  3. I loved reading this Jessica. I used to attend pilates classes at my gym, but not on a regular basis. This was during a time when I wasn't running by choice. It seems like most of the classes were offered mid morning when I am at work so I stopped attending them. After having been injured for what seems like forever and learning the techniques for forefoot running I am starting to see that pilates would really benefit me. I am hoping that we will be joining our old gym again soon so that maybe I can catch at least 1 class a week on a regular basis.

  4. It's interesting that Pilates can improve your performance in all sorts of sports. It makes sense since most of your strength comes from and is based on your core. I've never tried Pilates before, but I've heard that it can really strengthen your abs and back. I like the fact that it can prevent injuries as well. That's getting more important now that I'm getting older. http://everybodypilates.com/

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