a golden birthday

Today my baby girl – the oldest of my three children – is 7 YEARS OLD.

And I can’t believe it.

She is more wonderful than words can describe.  So beautiful and sweet and smart and caring and creative.  Seeing her smile, hearing her sing, watching her light up — just brings immeasurable joy into my heart.

The day Abby was born changed my life forever.  In the most magnificent ways.  I remember holding her for the first time.  I will never forget it.  My baby girl … she just fit into my arms so perfectly.  She was just so meant to be.  She just mattered SO VERY MUCH from the second she came into my life.

She simply took my breath away.  I could never have imagined a life so beautiful.  The world changed in every single possible way from that very moment.  And it just keeps getting better.


She was the cutest little baby.  Full of smiles and curiosity.  And the best company – chatty and silly and fun.

Right around her 2nd birthday I had read an article in a parenting magazine that talked about fun ways to celebrate your kids birthdays.  One idea I absolutely LOVED – in the night while your child is sleeping, FILL her room with balloons.  When she wakes in the morning the magic will begin.  There was no question that this would become a tradition for my family.  Abby’s excitement on her 2nd birthday was contagious and so special.  We have since done this for every single one of our kids birthdays every year.

birthday balloon magic, age 2

At the end of the day we set the balloons free in the sky (if they have enough helium in them), and watch them float away.  This makes me think of all the endless possibilities my child’s life holds.


age 2, getting ready to release the balloons with Daddy

I LOVE birthdays.  I always have.  My own mother always made a big deal out of them when my sisters and I were growing up.  Birthdays are hands down my favorite days of the year.  When I became a mother – my passion for birthdays pretty much skyrocketed and I am so excited and happy and emotional and GRATEFUL on these days.  They are without a doubt the most special days of the year for me.  Have I told you I love birthdays?
We have a family breakfast on birthday morning – banana chocolate chip muffins are everyone’s favorite (and perfect for a candle as luck would have it).  The birthday kid sits at the head of the table and has the special red plate all day.  I decorate the kitchen with birthday lights, banners, streamers and a glittered number I make out of cardboard and hang overhead.

This year Abby’s birthday is extra special – because she is 7 on the 7th.  This means it is her GOLDEN BIRTHDAY – when her age is the same as the day of her birthday.  So I glittered the 7 gold, and wrapped all her presents in gold paper.

the birthday breakfast table
golden gifts

Seven is my number.  The number has always held significance for me even long before I ever had children.  My husband’s birthday is the 7th, Abby’s is the 7th, Will’s is the 27th, my dad’s is the 7th, my mom’s is the 27th, my niece’s is the 7th … my name has 7 letters, Abby and Will’s full names each have 7 letters (this was not planned), the list goes on and on.  So today as my daughter is turning 7 on the 7th I just can’t help but feel an extra sense of joy.  It is just SO much fun.

seven – it suits her

Last night at bedtime she told me she was nervous to turn 7, that she wanted to stay 6 for at least a little while longer.  She was afraid it would feel really different and said that she doesn’t feel ready to grow up, but also that she DOES.  She was excited to turn a year older, but also sad about it at the same time.

I really understand how she feels.  Sometimes I just want to freeze time, to slow it down.  The moments are passing by so quickly that it can be overwhelming at times.  But it amazes me that as much as we change, we also stay the same.

My baby girl at age 7 is truly just as sweet and sensitive and kind (if not more so) as she was when she was two.  I am enjoying her so very much and could not be more thankful to be so blessed to be her mother.

This morning when she woke up she came to me and crawled in bed beside me.  Her warm soft body still fitting perfectly into my arms.   I wished her a happy birthday and she snuggled up closer to me, silent.  I asked her what she was thinking and she replied “I’m just really happy Mama.”  And then I thought my heart would expand right out of me.  As tears welled up in my eyes I hugged her and kissed her head and told her that I am too.  I am happy because she is.  That is all I ever want.  For my child to be happy.

Happy 7th Birthday, sweetest Abby Ann.  I love you!

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  1. I love the balloon idea–I wonder if I can sneak in their rooms quietly enough to do this next December….I also love the golden birthday idea–will have to do this when they turn 8 (hopefully I will remember). I guess this means my golden birthday was when I turned 21. All I did was go to the liquor store to buy beer for the first time. :^)

    Happy Birthday to Abby!!

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