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It’s been a few busy/crazy days since I’ve written and there is a lot to share.  I can tell you right now that this post will be a bit random, but also full of GOOD things.  Things that have happened in the last few days, as well as things that are on the horizon … things I am REALLY looking forward to.

Holiday Weekend
This weekend marked the beginning of summer and my husband was out of commission, in bed feeling lousy.  I was solo parenting it with all three kids and I am so thankful for good friends who helped me keep everyone happy and busy and entertained.  We went swimming (a lot!), we went to the farmers market, we spent some time at a local carnival and we took naps (amen for naps!).  It was a pretty nice way to kick off summer.  It was hard on all of us (Robert especially) to have Daddy missing out, but I think the kids and I managed to make it fun anyway — thanks to good friends and nice weather.  A few snapshots from our weekend:

farmers market: balloon animals & kettle corn!
abby & kaitlin – the sweetest of friends
giant snow cone on a hot hot day

Stroller Run
By Monday morning Robert was feeling well enough for me to head out for a run as long as I took the baby with me.  It was a hot and steamy morning, but I hadn’t run since Friday and was rrrreally needing to get out there.  My good friend Amy came along with us and we ran 6 miles together.  It had been a while since Gus and I were on a run together – he is such a good running companion and I’m amazed at how patient he is.  Amy and I kept him entertained by pointing out the birds, dogs and bikers along the way.  He was adorable.

mama and the g man

A Milestone
When I got home from my run on Monday I entered it into my training log.  I knew I was approaching a big milestone – the first time I have EVER run 1,000 miles in one year.  When I looked at the number I was literally amazed – 999.44 miles since January 1st!  At that moment I knew that Tuesday morning’s run would make it official.  I would cross 1,000 miles in less than 5 months.  Yesterday morning at 5:30am I met up with my buddies as usual – the ever so wonderful and always inspiring honey badgers.  I am so lucky to have these friends in my life…

the ladies (minus jojo who will be returning of course!) – me, amy, dora and terri

It was the perfect morning run (though ridiculously humid).  When were done Amy ran to her car and told me not to leave just yet – she had a surprise!  What kind of friends make you an awesome sign to honor your accomplishment at 6:30 in the morning??  Who high fives you, congratulates you with all sincerity and celebrates with you when you achieve something like this?  Only the best kinds of friends.  I am so grateful.

Amy took a piece of cardboard and some permanent markers and crafted the most awesome sign I have EVER seen.  I added her name to it before we took the picture – because this chick rocks so much that she actually crossed 1,000 miles a few weeks ago!  We decided that now each time one of us hits this milestone his or her name will be added to the sign.  It truly is a masterpiece.

trying to look like crazy honey badgers – watch out!

Taper Time
Last week I started reducing my mileage in preparation for my half marathon this Saturday.  I’m running the ZOOMA Annapolis half and couldn’t be more excited about it!  As an ambassador for this race, I have gotten to meet some incredible women at our training runs and have really enjoyed being a part of something SO amazing.  This race will be about more than just me and my personal running goals, though I am really hoping to run my best and fastest 13.1 on Saturday.  Last week I logged just shy of 40 miles and this week I am taking it really easy.  I plan to take the next two days off from running, so that I’ll have really fresh legs on Saturday for the race.  All of the honey badgers are running their first ultra on Saturday – the North Face Endurance Challenge!  I am so excited for and proud of each one of them.  They are all doing the 50k and I know they will rock it.  I wish I could be in two places at once so that I could cheer them on as they blaze the trails.

Run (and Train!) Like a Mother
A little over two years ago I read a book that I can honestly say changed my life.  Run Like a Mother – a book written by Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell – inspired women across the world to take time for themselves, to believe in themselves, to dream and to do things they never thought possible — all through this sport we love so much.  They united running moms from near and far when they published that book and they created an amazing online community via their blog and Facebook page.  No subject is taboo – everyone is open and honest and cheers for one another whole-heartedly.  This spring Sarah and Dimity published a second book called Train Like a Mother.  This book is equally as awesome as the first – filled with training tips and advice, as well as actual plans you can follow to reach your goals.  (You can read my review of the book by clicking here.)  The authors are real moms who are passionate about running – moms who have to balance their running with their families and their work and their relationships.  These women are truly awesome.  And they are coming here for the ZOOMA Annapolis race!  And I get to meet them and hang out with them — tomorrow!  A bunch of the ladies from our run club (and some of the honey badgers, of course) are invited to attend an awesome event tomorrow night.  We will get to meet Sarah and Dimity and lots of other amazing running moms.  We will get to hear Sarah and Dimity read from their new book.  I cannot wait I cannot wait I cannot wait.  I am so excited to THANK them in person for all they have done for women who run, especially for MOTHERS who run.  I’m beyond excited and oh so very grateful.

Going to Camp
On Sunday morning I will be heading back to Maryland for a very special trip.  lululemon has invited me to my first ever “ambassador camp” – I am going to be sleeping in a bunk bed, riding a zip line, canoeing, camp-firing, doing yoga and digging deep inside myself for courage, strength and growth along with several other lululemon ambassadors from the DC region.  I am very excited and honored to be a part of this wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys here next week!

That about sums things up for now.  Next up – my goals for my half marathon on Saturday.  I think I can.  I think I can.  I THINK I CAN.

11 thoughts on “a little of this, a little of that

  1. Congrats on reaching 1000 miles in May! That's amazing dedication. Good luck in your race on Saturday, can't wait to read the recap!

    BTW are all your tank-tops from lululemon? they seem so nice and long! like they might make great maternity running tanks since they would generously cover a growing belly.

  2. Wow! You really do have some amazing things going on right now! Congrats on the 1000 miles and best of luck this weekend at the 1/2!! Sounds like your training is all there and you are ready to go!!

  3. We should just call you Super Honey Badger…you rock!! Enjoy the race this weekend, you've earned it! -A

  4. Way to go on the solo-parenting all weekend, that is tough! And congrats on your 1,000 miles! I'll be thinking of you on the half this weekend.. I've been itching to do another one too, because I know my fitness has improved, but the next local one isn't until October (too hot!) and I don't need to travel for one. Oh! And I nominated you for the 'one lovely blog' award. 🙂

  5. 1,000 miles! Yay! And you will love Dimity and Sarah–they are both very real, and so funny too.

    I thought of you yesterday as I got to go to my first Pilates session. I'm really hoping it works for me as it did for you (and Dimity, actually–I mentioned both of you in my blog post about it today).

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