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Most week days I wake up before the sun in order to get my miles in before my husband has to go to work.  I’m out the door usually around 5:30AM about four days a week and come back by 7:00AM.  When I return home, I immediately have to jump right into “mommy mode” – and am making breakfasts, packing lunches, emptying the dishwasher and getting the kids dressed and ready for school from basically the second I walk in the door.

I am sweaty.

And I smell (not in a good way).

And there is absolutely NO time to shower.  For sometimes hours.

Home after my morning run.  I look better than I smell.  Trust me.

After I get everyone out the door the day keeps moving and I keep smelling.  I usually change my clothes to combat the stinkiness and maybe wipe myself off with a dry towel or even a baby wipe, but let’s face it that doesn’t do wonders for my aroma.  On Mondays and Wednesdays I go to the gym about 2 hours later to do my strength training workout.  My friends there are wise to keep their distance on those mornings.  I pretty much stink.

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a product that changed all that for me.  It is called ShowerPill.  When I was first contacted by them, I was a little confused, I admit.  The name sort of threw me off – was it an actual PILL I had to take that would help me smell fresher?  That sounds sort of weird.  What is a ShowerPill and how does it work?

It turns out that ShowerPill is not a pill at all.  It is a pretty amazing antibacterial athletic body wipe and I have to say I am really thankful to have them.  I’m sort of wondering now what I ever did without them.

One box of ShowerPill comes with 10 individually wrapped premium 9×8 inch wipes.  They fit perfectly in a gym bag or purse and are really easy to open.

Here is what I like most about the ShowerPill:

* The wipes are gentle on my sensitive skin, yet strong enough to kill germs and nasty odors.  This is because they contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E (which nourishes the skin) as well an antibacterial ingredient (Benzalkonium Chloride).

* They leave my skin feeling fresh, and there is no sticky residue or gross feeling after I use it.

* The material is strong, soft and durable.

* The size is perfect.  When packaged it is small enough to fit anywhere.  When opened, the actual wipe is much larger than a baby wipe.  I only need to use one after the even the sweatiest of workouts (one baby wipe never ever does the trick!) — this makes me happy because I feel like it is less wasteful.

ShowerPill really comes in handy for me on days when I don’t have time to shower for a while after my runs.  I also think it will be a super helpful product for anyone running in a relay race – it’s the perfect way to freshen up between your runs!

I’m so excited to be hosting a giveaway of this product!  ShowerPill would like to award not one but TWO lucky readers with a pack of 10 ShowerPill wipes!

Here’s how to enter (please enter separate comments for each, and then you will have more chances to win!):

* Follow @ShowerPill on Twitter
* Like ShowerPill on Facebook
* Follow @paceofme on Twitter and tweet this contest using the hashtag #stayfreshteam
* Like Pace of Me on Facebook

Entries will be accepted through Thursday, May 16th and I will announce the two winners on Friday, May 17th.  The winners will be chosen at random using the true random number generator.

In addition, there is also a coupon code for ShowerPill on that is good for 10% off through May 17th!  Enter RUNNERS2 at checkout.

*Disclaimer: I was given ShowerPill at no cost.  These opinions are one hundred percent my own and ShowerPill was not guaranteed a positive review.*

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