it’s time – nuun htc relay 2012

Earlier this week nuun announced that they will be accepting applications for their 2012 Hood to Coast relay teams.

My heart LEAPED.

I have been waiting for this moment ever since last summer.

It wasn’t in the cards for me to apply last year – but all year long I have been hoping and wishing that nuun would decide to do it again in 2012, so that I could have the chance to apply.

The chance to RUN MY HEART OUT for a company that I think is so incredible, for a product that I believe in and that has helped me to go beyond my dreams with my running.  The chance to run with and for a group of women who inspire me each and every single day through their running and their writing.  For the chance to represent moms who aren’t afraid to follow their hearts and make big dreams come true for themselves.

I am so excited.  So excited just to even apply!  It really matters to me.  A lot.

So now it is time – time to put my application together and show nuun why it would be a good idea to pick me to be on their team.  I have to be creative.  I have to somehow convey to them how badly I want it, how truly I would run my heart out for them, how tremendously I would appreciate it, how proud I would be to do it, how much fun I would make it ….

Applications are due on April 9th.  It is almost all I can think about. 

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