I’m Ready to Rock – Marathon Prep

Tomorrow is RACING DAY!

I’m so excited I can’t stand it.  This week went really well.  Team Honey Badger met for an easy paced 5 miles early Tuesday morning.  Our wonderful running group from the =PR= Distance Training program met at the track on Wednesday night for a light workout (totaling 3.25 miles – two at race pace) followed by a wonderful carb-loading extravaganza at our favorite local pizza joint.  It was awesome – so much great energy in the air!

the gang’s all here
Yesterday we went to the expo.  It was a quick trip, though traffic was a nightmare – such is the life in DC.  We got our race packets, switched corrals (very easy to do!) and made one lap around the room to check out what was there (same stuff as always).  I am so glad I have that out of the way!

This morning I met Jodi and Dora for a very quick shake-out run. We met at Starbucks and ran two laps (probably about a half mile) around the parking lot before getting ourselves some yummy coffee.  The purpose of the run was just to loosen up – mostly to relax our minds and calm our nerves than anything else.  It was lovely.  I think we are ready!

Last night I laid everything out for race day.  It is going to be HOT and SUNNY tomorrow, nothing like the weather we have trained in this cycle.  Temperatures will be in the mid-50s at the start and will climb to a high of 75 tomorrow. 

I am planning for the weather.  Here is my race outfit plan:

The Outfit:

  • Hat and sunglasses
  • A light colored tank (originally I was planning on black, but since it will be sunny I’m going for a lighter color)
  • Shorts
  • A light pair of socks so my feet don’t get hot
  • Endorphon Warrior “BELIEVE”bracelet
  • Road ID

The Shoes:

I am wearing my Saucony Kinvara 2s for this race.  I love these shoes and wore them throughout many of my runs this training season.  Mostly for track workouts and long tempo runs (usually anywhere from 20-30 miles a week), these are my “fast shoes.”  I wore them for a few longer runs towards the end of my training cycle and over the last few weeks I went back-and-forth between whether to wear these or my Triumphs.  I decided on the Kinvaras because what it comes down to is I feel so good in them.  They are my racing shoes, my fast shoes.  I am excited to wear them tomorrow!

I have also laid out everything else that I am bringing with me tomorrow.  This is something I always do before a marathon, just to be sure I am not forgetting anything.

The Race Bag:

  • Hand held water bottle (I carry my water when I run and race)
  • Gels – I plan to eat one every 5 miles, but I packed a few extra just in case (you never know if you will lose one or if you will have a running buddy who needs one!)
  • Sunscreen!
  • Lip balm with SPF
  • Body Glide
  • Picky Bars (I will eat one about an hour before race start, and have another one for after the race to)
  • Extra water bottle
  • A tube of nuun
  • Arnica gel – for any sore muscles before or after
  • An extra bag, for wet clothes after the race
  • A small towel
  • Tissues in case the potties are out of T.P before the race

My husband and our two sons are coming to spectate the race  – I am so thankful for this!  Robert is going to try to see me at miles 11, 14 and 18.5 and then be at the Finish.  He will have an extra hand-held water bottle for me and gels just in case.  He will also have a dry set of clothes for me to put on after the race.

I think I’m in good shape and that I’ve covered all my bases.  Today I will do as much resting and relaxing as a mom of three can possibly do.  I’m going to hydrate like crazy all day (which for me is 100+ ounces of nuun and water), eat an early and light pasta dinner this evening and try to get to bed nice and early.

Are you running the RnR USA races tomorrow?  What’s your outfit plan for the race?  What will you pack in your race bag?  Are you feeling ready!?

GOOD LUCK to everyone racing in DC or elsewhere this weekend!!!

11 thoughts on “I’m Ready to Rock – Marathon Prep

  1. You are so ready and have done everything you can do to have a great day tomorrow. Rest up as much as you can, visualize the good and the bad so you are ready for it all, and take a nice big breath. I know you will race smart – keep your eye on the prize and let the race come to you. You've done the hard work – now you just have to execute the plan. I'll be there cheering in spirit for the whole =PR= crew. You all rock!

  2. Good luck! I'm running the half. Its my second one and I'm very excited and nervous. I follow your blog and can't wait to hear how you Rock it!

  3. Keeping you in my thoughts! I know you are going to do great and I am already excited to read your race recap. It has been so fun to read about your training for this one – best of luck and have a stellar race!

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