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One of the biggest reasons that I write this blog is because I truly love the community of people who read and write them.  I am inspired by all of you each and every day and I sincerely enjoy reading about your training, your goals and your accomplishments, as well how you balance it all while living the rest of your lives.  It is a wonderful group of people and I am SO grateful to be a part of it.

Every time one of you comments on my blog, it makes me so very happy.  I cherish what you have to say and am thankful that you took the time to share.  Your encouragement and support, your ideas and advice, your stories and experiences – I LOVE IT ALL.

I get frustrated with Blogger because the system makes it hard for me to reply to many of you.  Unless you have your profile set up to include your email address, I am out of luck in responding directly to you.  If I leave a comment in reply on my blog chances are you will never see it unless you revisit the post.  I’m thinking about switching over to WordPress for this very reason, and I may get around to it one of these days.  But in the meantime, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to all of you here – so that you know how grateful I am and that the fact that you take the time to read what I have to say really means so much to me.

Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Do you have a Blogger blog and experience the same frustrations with the commenting system?  Have you switched from Blogger to WordPress and found it to be so much better?  I feel like so many people are doing that.

6 thoughts on “a thank you

  1. I have been thinking about this as well. I hate the reply part more than anything! My only fear is the loss of “friend connect” . I guess people get used to it but I dont want to lose followers. Someone mentioned Linky but not sure what it all entails. It would make it easier if we all just went to WordPress ha!

  2. I love reading your blog too! I know that I don't always remember to check back to see if there's a response to a comment that I've left on a blog or to sign up for email notifications either. There are some blogs where I will automatically receive an email when there's been a response to my comment (and I didn't sign up for this) – maybe it's a plugin? Not sure what the best answer is. Either way, I've thought about switching over too. It seems like everyone is on WordPress!

  3. I get frustrated with the commenting system but I so prefer blogger over wordpress. I have my baby blog on wordpress and I don't think its as user friendly- ESPECIALLY with photos. The other thing is not all wordpress blogs have their comments set up to email you when they reply. I think its a plug-in and more blogs then not don't have it set up.

  4. I have the exact same thought. I”m overall happy with blogger, I just wish you were able to comment. I don't understand why they don't fix this, it shouldn't be that difficult, but I'm very close to switch. Just don't want to deal with moving blogs since I'm not a 100% familiar how this works.

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