Team Honey Badger

At least once a week this training cycle I have woken myself up before 5:00AM to meet one or more of my running buddies for what has come to be my very favorite way to start the day.  We gather at our meeting spot at 5:30 prepared for running in the dark and the cold, sometimes the rain and the snow: headlamps, layers of cold weather running attire, reflective jackets and gear.

Jodi and Chris all a-glow

When people say there is strength in numbers, I think they must have had early morning running buddies in mind.  Just thinking about my team of running buddies makes me smile.  I know that with them, I can and I WILL get it done.  We SHOW UP for one another.  We believe in one another.

cheering our buddies into the finish of an awesome run

We don’t care how cold it is.  We don’t care how dark it is.  We don’t care how early it is.  We don’t care if it is raining or sleeting or snowing.  We don’t care if one of us has to stop at the “Emerald Palace” (our pet name for the trusty port-o-potty on our route) or park ourselves behind a bush to take care of business (confession – this happens to me pretty much every. single. run) – we even bring extra toilet paper just in case.  We don’t care if one of us has to add an extra mile or two – we will do it with them.  We don’t care if one of us has to get back earlier than our usual 7:00AM finish time – we will change our route so they don’t have to run alone.  We don’t care if one of us has to slow down or speed up the pace.  We don’t care because we are runners and because we are a team.  And because of this – because of our fierce dedication to our sport and to each other – we have given our team pretty much the perfect name:

We are Team Honey Badger.

Team Honey Badger (THB) is made up of the toughest, strongest, craziest, most hilarious, most dedicated runners I know.  And I am honored to be one of them.

THB – The Ladies (Amy, Dora, Jojo and me)

Already this week we’ve logged 20 miles together (10 on Monday, 10 on Tuesday).  As we run we laugh, we talk, we listen, we push, we pull.  We are all getting stronger and faster and more resilient, physically and mentally.  I can feel it from deep down inside and I can see it in my fellow HB’s — we are getting tougher this training cycle.  And this is happening because of Team Honey Badger.

When I feel like quitting or slowing down, I think of these guys.  I think of what they would do in my shoes – and I know they would fight.  And they would want me to fight.  So I do.

sometimes we even color coordinate

To say that I am thankful for these guys would be a drastic understatement.  I would not be enjoying my training as much as I am if it weren’t for them.  I would not be logging so many miles if it weren’t for them.  They take my love for the sport of running and make it technicolor.  Sharing my passion and love for running with them makes me so insanely happy.

I have to admit that I think our THB name is kind of ironic.  We say “honey badger don’t care” about so many things – but the reason we don’t care about all that stuff and what it all boils down to is that we DO care.  We care about one another and we care about what is important to one another.

Thank you so much Team Honey Badger for being you and for always being there for me.  I am so proud to call each one of you my friends.  You are amazing runners and what’s more – you are all incredible people.  THB – You Rock.

13 thoughts on “Team Honey Badger

  1. I love it! You are so blessed. Been MIA for a while but wanted to stop in to let you know I've been lurking. Your training is going so well, and you are going to have a HELLUVA race next month. Woo hoo!!!

  2. LOVE Team Honey Badger!! I love my running group – I really don't know what kind of distance runner I would be without them! Sports therapists, psychologists, personal motivators, and girls night out all wrapped up in one!

  3. I am so jealous of your morning running group. I have no problem waking up early to run, but it would be so much more enjoyable with friends. You guys are so ready for that race!!!!

  4. For more Randall and Honey Badgerness, check out his game & ringtone apps: Pretty badass, but he don't care!

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