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Lots of random things are going through my head today.  I feel like post ideas pop into my brain constantly, but then sometimes when I actually sit down to write … my brain is sort of all over the place.  Some people call it “mom brain” — well whatever it is, I have it.  And I have had it for years.  It has evidenced itself in all sorts of great ways over the years.  Like the time I drove away with my cell phone on the roof of the car.  Thankfully it was still there miles later.  Or the time I drove away with my husband’s set of keys on the roof of the car.  Never found those.  I almost drove away today with my white chocolate soy mocha on the roof of the car.  That would have made me very sad.  Are you noticing the trend?  I like to put things on the roof of my car.  Usually when we are getting into the car I am carrying a baby, buckling a big kid in his booster seat, holding my bag plus the kids’ school bags, etc. so if I find I need an extra hand something will conveniently be placed on the roof of the car without me really noticing.

Most of my “mom brain” issues stem from just that – trying to multi-task and as a result doing some things sort of mindlessly.  I just am so focused on one or two things that the three or four other things I am doing simultaneously sort of either don’t get done very well or maybe even not really at all.  It is a bad habit and definitely something I want – ok, NEED – to work on.

Lately my little one year old is making sure I work on it.  He is keeping me on my toes and forcing me to stay alert.  He is quick and he is daring.  It amazes me how this little guy can lighten my spirits and remind me to relax and be mellow with the same intensity and just as quickly as his actions remind me to be ever-alert and careful.  He is a busy, curious and determined little guy who wants to be a part of (or really the main attraction of) everything that is happening around him.

I cannot go shopping at Target or the grocery store with him because he will not sit in the cart (yes he has figured out how to climb out even when buckled in as tightly as possible) and he will not ride in the Ergo either.  The good thing about this is that every time I step into these stores I’m forced to focus on what I actually NEED to buy and get in and out as quickly as possible…so he is saving me from over spending (especially at Target).  I know his Dad is extra thankful for that one.

In the past week I have caught him climbing inside the fridge (you have seen pictures of this before!), figuring his way inside a cabinet where we keep pots, pans and the toaster:

Standing in the dishwasher as I try to empty it during the chaos of our morning routine:

Climbing into his toy box in the family room as I vaccuum:

And, most terrifying of all – trying to climb up the oven:

I think it’s safe to say that Mister Gus is teaching his Mommy A LOT these days.

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  1. I remember those days LOL. I finally started putting my car keys on top of the car with whatever else I set up there. Can't drive away if the keys are there… ;o)

  2. He is adorable! Isn't it amazing how much our kids teach us? I'm learning I can't rush out the door, and am okay with taking my time walking in and out of stores, museums, etc and enjoying the distractions my toddler finds along the way. She's forced me to slow down in some ways (and be much more efficient in others!)

  3. I have mom brain and I'm not even a mom! Ha. One of my favorite mantras when I get to feeling overwhelmed (which is A LOT lately) is BE HERE NOW. Most of the time, I get frazzled because I am trying to do too many things at once. BE HERE NOW kind of encompasses doing one task at a time, enjoying that task, and then moving onto the next…or else sometimes I feel like I am running around in circles – which is OK on Tuesday and Friday mornings on the track (haha) but not so every other day.

    BTW – That is a cute kid 🙂

  4. Hahahahaha. AJ and Gus are TWINS!!!! I have very similar photos of AJ doing the same things (he hasn't tried to climb up the oven yet but I did find him standing on top of his table of blocks – I still have no idea how he managed that one!)
    Love this post b/c I can totally relate to everything you said…I actually keep a piece of paper taped behind my computer of all the blog ideas I have b/c I found that I was thinking of awesome (well, I think awesome) ideas and then having a brain fart when I sat down to write!
    Hope you are having a good week, mama!!! xoxo

  5. He is so precious! Allan's mom has told all of us so many stories about his brothers crawling around and getting into everything when they were little. Apparently Allan was content to just sit and watch her as she cooked, cleaned, etc. His other brothers were into EVERYTHING!

  6. I love the photos of him standing in places he shouldn't. It makes me nostalgic for when my son was at that stage. It seemed like his fat little legs were always sticking out of places they shouldn't have been (like trash cans and the dryer). Very cute!

  7. I can totally relate. My husband asked me to just pretend our car doesn't have a bumper because I'm forever placing things on there and therefor losing them. Bad habit.
    My little guy is the same way. I'm not sure why baby number four has to be the craziest of them all. I pray we make it to kindergarten.

  8. Love it. My best was leaving my houes phone on the back bumper of my car. Funny, b/c someone in your neighborhood found it. They hit redial on the last number, and ended up talking to my sister in Charlotte, who eventually led him to me and hence we got the phone back! Seeing those pics of Gus are really making me miss a 'little one' in the house!

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