Mr. Gus,
You are FULL of surprises.
case in point.
From the moment we found out you were on your way, your dad and I were STUNNED.
We already had two children,
but somehow we had no idea what to expect with YOU.
Your entry into this world, exactly one year ago today, was beautiful.
There was so much laughter and joy in that room.
It was exciting, yet totally peaceful.
How is it possible for one little person to change your life so drastically in an instant?
You filled a space that I did not know needed filling until you arrived.
When you were born, parts of me were awakened that I did not know could exist.
And my heart grew ten million times bigger than I ever thought possible.
brand new
And it still does.
You amaze me — every. single. day.
In the beginning, I would just sit and stare at you
 as you slept in my arms so peacefully.
I just couldn’t believe you were here.
Even one year later, sometimes I still can’t believe it.
On the other hand, there is no way I could imagine what life would be like without you.
The first year of your life has been incredible.
I have loved every minute of it.
We all have.
 Mr. Gus, you took a bright world and made it VIBRANT.
You add laughter, celebration and joy to every single second of life.
Life is an adventure because of you.
Thank you for being you.
Happy First Birthday, Sweet Baby Boy.

I love you.

12 thoughts on “One.

  1. So beautiful! I absolutely adore that pic of you, your hubby, and Gus – That needs to be framed in your house! Happy Birthday to your little man! Would love to get our guys together one day…they are less than 1 month apart!! =)

  2. Oh, this made me cry and smile at the same time. He is so darn cute. I have 2 girls and would LOVE to have a little boy. I know having another baby is not in the cards for our family but sometimes I wonder, maybe. Happy Birthday to your little guy. He is adorable!

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