the week in review

This has been a really great week.  I’ve logged 30 miles so far, all quality runs that served their designated purpose.  After my 20 mile long run tomorrow and my recovery run on Sunday, I will have logged more miles this week (around 55) than I ever have in one week! 

I will peak somewhere around 60-65 miles this training cycle.  That fact both excites me and makes me nervous.  It’s unknown territory for this body of mine.  So far, I’m thankful that I feel good and strong, that my legs are fresh and responding to the work I am asking of them.  If at any point that changes, well, then I will adapt because the point is not to run as many miles as I can but rather to train smart and show up on race day injury-free, strong and confident – ready to go after it.

Monday I went to the gym for a tempo run.  It was the first tempo I have done in a couple of months.  I warmed up with two easy paced miles and then did four tempo miles at a 7:30 pace.  The first mile at tempo felt really hard, but then I got into a groove and I felt strong and steady and actually increased the pace to closer to a 7:20 for the last two miles of it.  I cooled down with two more easy paced miles.  The total mileage for that run was 8.  After the run I did my strength training circuit and called it a day.  It was a great workout.  Tempos are HARD for me, but they boost my confidence and I am always so happy when they are done!!

happy to have that one done!

Tuesday morning I woke up early and met my running buddies for another 8 mile run.  It was a beautiful morning – I actually find 40 degrees to be comfortably warmish these days!  We had a light drizzle that was refreshing and ran a steady pace for all 8 miles, talking and laughing.  The time flew by and before I knew it we were done and the sun was just beginning to rise.  I am growing very fond of early morning runs with my buddies.

Wednesday was track night and cold winter weather had returned.  It was FREEZING, but once I got moving I felt ok and even took my gloves off.

2 mile warm up: 8:21, 8:19 (a little faster than I usually move for a warmup, but I was freezing!)

Then we began the WORK.  I did the following intervals with 3:00 rest in between each one:
1×1600 (mile) – 6:37
2×800 (half mile): 3:19, 3:19
4×400 (quarter mile) – 1:38, 1:37, 1:38, 1:33

I ran another easy-paced 2 miles to cool down and logged 7 miles for the night.

I felt really good about this workout.  It was tough – but I hit all the paces I was going for and that was key to keeping me strong to finish my last one at my fastest pace.  I’ve learned not to run as fast as I can on the track – I used to go out there and burn my candle at both ends until I just couldn’t go anymore.  Those days are long gone and guess what – I am actually running (much) faster now and feeling a lot stronger.  To figure out my paces, I am using the McMillan Pace Calculator and listening to my body.  It takes practice to learn how to run fast, with control.  I am working on it!

Thursday is usually my rest day, but this week my running buddies were meeting at 5:30am again and I didn’t want to miss out on the fun.  So less than 12 hours after finishing that killer track workout, I found myself running under the moon and the stars again.  My legs were feeling the workout, but we took it very easy and ran a beautiful 7 miles before sunrise. 

seriously awesome running buddies. and they GLOW!

Today is my rest day and let me tell you, I welcomed it with open arms!  I haven’t run since my earlybird run yesterday, so by the time I hit the trail (or treadmill, eeek, depending on the weather tomorrow) I will have had a full 48 hours of rest.  This is awesome.  Since I ran so early yesterday morning it is giving my body extra time to recover from the tough workouts earlier in the week.  I think I like this plan…

I have 20 miles to run tomorrow morning and the forecast is calling for freezing rain and a high of 35 degrees by 9am.  The rain is going to continue all day and the high for the day will only reach 41.  I am not going to be a dummy tomorrow.  The cold and the rain don’t scare me, but the ice certainly does.  I don’t want to go out there and slip and fall and hurt myself.  So right now it is a toss-up: brave the elements outside or run inside on the treadmill.  No matter what, I am getting the 20 miles DONE.  It should be interesting!

8 thoughts on “the week in review

  1. yikes, I don't know which is worse, running in freezing rain or on the treadmill for 20 miles. But good for you for getting such quality workouts in! I usually do my runs solo so need to find some running buddies that I can convince to meet me at 5:30 for my early morning runs!

  2. You know, I usually don't read through most blog's training summaries for the week, but I love reading yours as we are at such similar paces and I love seeing how well you do in your workouts. I also hate tempo runs, I dread them. But after, I am SO proud of myself. I actually get sad at the end of my training cycle when my plan switches from tempos to intervals. That sounded like an awesome track workout. I think our track days are numbered up here in New England unless I can find an indoor track. Good luck tomorrow with your 20 miler! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

  3. Great job! I'm somewhat in the same boat as you in that I will peak in my mileage this week somewhere in the low 30s which is a first for me. I took a few days off an substituted those days with walking, biking and good 'ol rest. But, I feel so guilty when I'm not out there running for a purpose. It's hard to train your mind to recognize that rest is good! It also makes all those little aches and pains go away. 🙂

    Hope you had a fantastic 20 miler today! – Kristin

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