a great start

There is something about getting outside for a run in the winter on a morning before the sun is awake, before the temperature reaches 30 degrees …

Something about running along one of my favorite trails with two of my favorite running buddies, watching the sun rise and being witness to the quiet sounds nature makes as the day begins …

three runners at sunrise

There’s something about getting 10 miles in the books before most people have even gotten themselves out of bed …

Something about it that makes me feel so very dedicated.  So very hard core.  So very happy.  So very much a “real” runner.

I have watched the sun rise while on a run every morning this week, save one.  Is it easy for me to get myself out of my warm cozy bed each morning?  The answer to this is an emphatic NO.  But is it worth it?  ABSO-POSITIVELY-LUTELY.

There is no question that this is my favorite way to log my miles – first thing in the morning, before the day gets under way.  I love walking up to my front door, sweaty and invigorated, to see this smiling face:

hi momma! how was your run?

I love being greeted by my family – a husband and three children who bring so much joy, love and happiness into my world – as I walk in the door.  They always ask me how my run was and tell me of the fun things they have been up to while I was out (Abby even writes me notes while I’m gone, for me to read when I get home.  So sweet, I cherish them).  They report to me what time they woke up, what they each had for breakfast.  And then we plan our day.

Today, it was a trip to the National Zoo with two of my sisters and their families.  Some snap shots from our outing:

Jojo and Baby Levi

by the cows

Gus loved his first visit to the ZOO!

me and baby g

Will and Miles watch the giant turtles

Not all our days are quite this exciting.  Yesterday after my track workout we spent the entire day de-cluttering and organizing our basement.  This was actually thrilling for me, but I don’t really think it compares to a day at the zoo in my kids’ eyes.  But there is one thing I can say about a day that starts with a sunrise run – it is always a great way to start the day.

What about you — do you love to run in the morning, too?  What is your favorite time of day to run?

4 thoughts on “a great start

  1. I love early morning runs especially in the summer when the sun is rising and it is before it gets to hot for the day. Right now with it being so cold I have not been as diligent and go after the kids are off to school.
    That little guy of yours is adorable! Love his pictures:)

  2. Oh yes! You know I love my morning runs. I did 10 miles yesterday, starting at about 6am…a little later than usual…just so I could see the sun rise over the Potomac. On my 10 mile route, the turn around point is right by Lady Bird Johnson Park, with the Washington Monument in the back ground. I always stop, breath deep, and take it all in. I ALWAYS feel a sense of gratitude when I do that route.

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