Meet Oscar

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

Or maybe I should say, Reindeer Reindeer Reindeer?

It’s December 1st and I simply cannot believe it.  The day started with Abby and Will excitedly – perhaps insanely is a better term – jumping into our bed to remind us that today is the day we start Advent calendars and also our elf, who we named “Oscar” three years ago, had arrived from the North Pole and was hiding somewhere downstairs.  It was time to go find him!

Their energy level was through the roof.  I wonder…will they be able to keep this up for 25 days?  But I know that’s a silly question.  Of course they will.

They rushed down the stairs and began searching for Oscar right away.  It took Abby maybe 45 seconds to locate him.  We are going to have to get extra creative with his hiding spots this year.  She’s getting really good at this…

Oscar, hiding in a pot on the fireplace mantle

I love Oscar, I really do.  For those of you who don’t have an elf of your own or who are not experienced in the world of elfdom, this is really all you need to know — the elf is leverage for a parent during the month of December.  Kids in the middle of whining as you are cooking dinner?  Are they throwing a fit, talking back, being rude and inflexible?  Completely ignoring you?  Remind them – the elf is watching.  They will snap right out of it.  Our elf Oscar has magical powers.  He flies to the North Pole every night when the kids are sleeping and gives Santa a full report on their behavior and also passes any important messages along to Santa on the kids’ behalf.  The children can leave him notes and tell him secrets (but they are not allowed to touch him, or his magic will go away) and ask him to put a good word in for them with Santa.  It is really cute and really fun.  I think the idea is *genius* and am so happy to have this tradition in our family.

I was thinking I would ease into the holiday spirit around here, but this morning was a reminder that there is no “easing” into it when you have young children.  You have to jump right in with them.  And the truth is, I love seeing the joy and excitement on their faces and know they will sweep me right into the magic with them.  Here we gooooooo!

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  1. I've never done the elf. I NEED leverage! My kids are crazy and driving me right there with them! 🙂 But I do love their excitement about the holidays – so fun!

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