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My good friend Dorothy inspires me in lots and lots of ways – too many too count and actually not always related to running.  The other day she did a post about where she blogs when she blogs and I thought it was really fun to see her space and also to read everyone’s comments about where, when and how they connect to this awesome virtual community of runners.

We do not have an office in our home.  With no guest room or extra bedrooms and an unfinished basement (which I talked about yesterday), I had to be a little creative to make a space for myself.  I used to keep the computer on the kitchen counter, but the clutter always bothered me and now that we have iPhones and an iPad we don’t really need the computer in the kitchen anymore.

Last spring I got an old desk from a relative who was moving and decided to put it in my bedroom.  Years and years ago Robert picked a rickety wooden chair up from a yard sale for a couple of dollars.  It’s not in the best condition but works perfectly with my little old desk. 

The other things I have on my desk besides my computer and some books: a framed post card I bought on Etsy – I took fun patterned paper and used it as “matting” and put it in an inexpensive white wood frame from Michael’s.  The postcard says “She believed she could so she did” … every time I look at it I smile.  I also have a mirrored tray holding hand painted wooden starfish that I bought a couple of years ago when we went to Jamaica.  I love all things from the sea and starfish especially.  Starfish are so beautiful and they represent something very magical in nature – the ability to regain strength, to overcome setbacks and adversity.  Looking at my starfish on my desk reminds me that with faith, dedication, determination and courage I can do whatever I set my mind to.  I can, and have, overcome pain and setbacks – physically, emotionally, mentally.

Side note: I recently found a blog I am enjoying SO MUCH.  It is written by the amazing Sarah MacKay and is called Running Starfish.  Check her out, you guys!  You can imagine how excited I was to find it and I really feel Sarah speaks so beautifully about starfish on her blog.  Here is a quote from her:

Starfish are masters of regeneration.  If they lose a leg, they grow another one.  While they are fragile and beautiful, they also have the ability to recreate a part of themselves.  Which to me sounds like a super power!  As humans we also have the power to regrow, or grow.  If we’ve lost the ability to run like child, free and light, we can regain that. Or if our backs are tired and weak, we can train them to be strong and resilient. It’s amazing what you can ask of your body and spirit, and (with dedicated training) accomplish.

I agree with Sarah – starfish do have super powers!  And so do we.

So, back to the desk.  I also keep my lava lamp on my desk.  If you are new to my blog you might not know that this lava lamp is actually a race trophy!  I placed first in my age group at a local 5k this summer.  It was thrilling!  And I really cannot imagine a cooler trophy than a lava lamp.  Right!?  I will never forget that day or how I felt winning that award.  So surprised, so happy.

oh my goodness!  i won!!

My desk is little and fits perfectly in my bedroom.  At first I was worried it would feel cluttered and make my bedroom feel less relaxing, but it doesn’t do that at all.  My computer is a little MacBook so I often bring it to other parts of the house when I am writing – sometimes just into my bed so I can write there, or I will even take it downstairs and sit with it in the kitchen or on the living room couch.  I love having a space to call my own for writing though.  It is my little sanctuary.

I think some day I would love to make a whole room dedicated to my creative outlet – trust me, I do dream about finishing that basement some day and carving out a really inspiring space for myself.  Where I can paint and draw and write and run.  For now though, this is just perfect.

What about you?  If you have a blog, where do you do your writing?  If you are not a blogger, do you have a space that is special for you? How do you carve out time and space for yourself to renew your spirit other than through running? 

2 thoughts on “My Space: Where I Blog

  1. Your space looks great! So cozy and inspirational. Loved this post.

    I blog all over the place, actually! Thank goodness for my tiny laptop that comes with me on the go and throughout the house!

  2. #1 – Your blog design updates look awesome. #2 – The 'Starfish” analogy is so beautiful. Really. I am printing that out and posting it on my desk. #3 – I am going to come to one of your Lululemon runs/pilates for sure! #4 – All of the spaces in your house are so cute, cozy, and fun!

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