A Play Room for Everyone

When we bought our house three years ago the basement was completely unfinished.  Cold, dark and a little spooky.

We were moving from a town house and with two kids at the time, that meant we had no “play room.”  Toys. Were. EVERYWHERE.

I was so excited to have a single family home with a basement.  We could not afford to finish the basement though, so we worked with what we had and turned it into a place the kids would play and keep their toys.  With some paint (including a chalkboard wall), twinkle lights, artwork made by my kids, lanterns from the dollar aisle and stars I made out of cardboard and glitter and hung from the ceiling with curling ribbon, the space was magically transformed into a world that would encourage and inspire my kids to use their imaginations.

It is whimsical and crazy and fun.  It is exactly what a play room should be.

I have a confession, though.  This play room is not just for my kids.  It is every bit as much MY play room.

The basement is also where I play.  It is where I paint and draw and glue and cut (mostly for Sugar Cone, but also for other projects for myself as well as along with my kids).

It is also where I run when running outside or going to the gym is not an option.

Where do you run when running outside isn’t an option?

4 thoughts on “A Play Room for Everyone

  1. Alas, when I can't run outside (which hopefully won't be any time soon), I have to go to a gym with a treadmill. And I have to hope to hit a slow time so as not to bump up on time limits. Your basement looks heavenly!

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