Will is FIVE

Today is a special day.  As special as they come.

Today I am celebrating the life of my sweet baby boy, Mr. Will.

The day he was born was full of magic and blessings.  My heart grew leaps and bounds that day and God showed me that LOVE is bigger and more beautiful than anything I could ever have imagined.  More wonderful than any dream I could conjure up in this little head of mine.

I remember looking at this baby boy of mine for the first time, tears streaming down my face.  His eyes: they were big and bright right away.  His cry was raspy and precious.  I was so in love.  I did not think I could love him any more than I did in that first moment, but every day since he was born I have been proven wrong on that measure. 

My love for him grows more and more each and every day. 

When Will is happy, I am so happy I feel like my heart will jump out of my chest.  When he is sad, my heart breaks for him.  My emotions are completely tethered to his.  I want my child to know how wonderful I think he is.  But putting my love for him into words is impossible.  Thank goodness he still lets me hug him.  I am more than blessed to be his mother, to share this life with him.

At five years old, Mr. Will is the most expressive, funny, sensitive, sweet, creative, intelligent, crazy, energetic, and caring boy I know. He is passionate and he is fiercely dedicated to the things and people he loves.  He is a clown and an entertainer.  He has some wickedly awesome talents, too.  Like that at age 4 he taught himself to whistle (he is good at it, let me tell you) and to snap his fingers.  Will also loves a dance party and will cut up the floor with some killer moves given the chance.  It is beyond fun to be around this guy of mine.

We have been celebrating his birthday since about 4:30 this morning, when he rushed into my room and woke me up.  I thought there was some sort of problem – a bed wetting or a nightmare.  But when I asked him if everything was okay his reply was “I’m FIVE!” and he jumped into bed with me for an hour of sleepy snuggles.

This past year in particular, my baby boy has grown up so much.  His legs are getting bonier and more muscular – he is losing that soft baby pudge and starting to look less like a baby, more like a boy.  I’m grateful that he is still cuddling with me and that he considers  our time together “special time.” He would rather sit on the bathroom floor and chat with me while I shower than play with even his most favorite toys.  I am still his number one companion and believe me, that means a lot to me.  I know it won’t always be that way.  I cherish this time so very much.

I’m enjoying watching him grow, getting to know the person he is becoming.  I’m so proud of him for who he is and feel incredibly lucky to be his mom.  I promise, I DO want him to grow and change and eventually move out and explore the world on his own…but I can already tell I am going to miss him when all of that happens.  I will miss him in a crazy-heartache kind of a way.  These past five years have just flown by – life is going by so quickly!! – and I have loved every single minute of them.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Will! 

I love you from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, with all of my heart and all of my soul.

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  1. awww – so sweet! I am also dreading the day my son no longer wants me to cuddle him – he still does it (he's 7), but those times are getting fewer and farther between. Enjoy!

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