10 days

In 10 days I will run my 8th marathon.

This week I have felt all the expected taper craziness.

My emotions are zippy –




There is an encouraging voice in my head through it all, though.  Reminding me that this insanity is “normal.”  Assuring me that I am doing all the right stuff and that I will arrive at the Start Line ready to realize my dream.

I’m fully aware of the pain I am about to face.  I’m completely ready to step up to the challenge and make my dreams a reality.

I am preparing for battle.

Everything will be put on the line.  I will not give up.  I will fight to the finish.  I will pursue my dream with relentless passion and grit. 

10 days from now I will meet my hero, and it will be me.

5 thoughts on “10 days

  1. I LOVE that last line. You ARE the hero in your story. LOVE IT. LOVE IT.

    Do you have a goal? You are going to do so great and I am SO excited for you. Just remember when you are having the “down” emotions that you have DONE the work and will reap the rewards. Hugs!

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