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Taking care of three kids can be insane.  Especially at the beginning of the school year as we start our new routines with different drop off and pick up times, sports practices and games and other extra-curricular activities like Daisy troop and swim lessons.  Especially when I want to fit in time for **me** doing things that I enjoy and that are important to me outside of my role as a mom (running, teaching Pilates, growing my business).

And the thing is, I know this is only the beginning.  Just two of my kids are in school and on sports teams right now – the baby just goes with the flow and his schedule has to adapt to everybody else’s (poor guy).  I don’t trouble myself too much with thinking about how crazy it will be five years from now, but I am no fool and I understand that it will be *literally* a three ring circus with me as the ringmaster.  If I think about it too much I get completely overwhelmed not in a good way, so I just try to be in the moment and handle things as they are right now.

Amidst all the chaos though, there is SO much to smile about.  I need to lighten up.  It is up to me to decide how I look at it.  I get a lot done in a day and I’m serious about the schedule around here.  This morning I went to the gym at 6AM, was home by 7AM to get everyone breakfast, pack lunches and get ready for school.  We walked Abby to school around 9AM and then came home to get the baby settled down for his morning nap.  Once he was asleep I whizzed through the house taking care of chores (massive amounts of laundry, making beds, picking up toys all while talking to my sister on the phone about the Christmas gift exchange we’re in charge of planning).  While I did this Will worked on a craft project with the leaves he collected on our morning walk to school (he plans to make a turkey out of them, it should be interesting).  I have a list a mile long of all the things I have/need/want to get done each day.  Usually only one or two things get checked off, and sometimes none of them get done at all and the list is longer in the afternoon than it was in the morning…but that’s life.

Will with his leaves for his turkey project

I’m taking Will to school at 11:30 and will come home to have lunch with the baby before heading over to my business partner’s house to work on some of the many orders we have right now for Sugar Cone.  Then I will come home for the baby’s nap and hopefully get some more things done around the house before having to pick Will up from school and then Abby.  It would be nice if I could fit in some time to take a shower at that point because after school we’ll have maybe 45 minutes before we have to head to the baseball field for Will’s first tee ball practice and then at 7:30 tonight I have a Board meeting for the preschool.  All in a day’s work.

When I step back and look at the pile of things that are making me crazy I realize that they are all mostly really important to me.  Sure, the laundry and the dishes and the vacuuming are annoying but I just don’t feel good in a messy house so it’s important to me to get them done. They fall lowest on the list of priorities but eventually they get done and I feel better for it.

So today this post is about reminding myself to lighten up and to enjoy the craziness of the moment.  To remember that the reason my plate is full is because I have filled it with things I love and I get to take care of the people I love the mostest … and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

Abby, Will and me making weird faces

I hope you have a great day today too.  There may be lots of chores and annoying tasks to tackle, but let’s lighten up and we may find our load feels lighter, too.

2 thoughts on “lighten up

  1. wait…wait…a second…did you say the word 'christmas'???…that is not allowed until at least the middle of october. 😉 girl, i'm with you all the way on this post. having three kids in activities scares me to death in 5 years but I've got to enjoy one moment at a time. have a great day!

  2. Great post!

    I feel ya. My life is so crazy with work, grad school and three kids…

    I was actually writing my sonnet that is due tomorrow in the car on the way to the gym. Poetry in the Pathfinder 101.

    And now I am off, sans shower, to pick up 2 of my kiddos from school to begin the afternoon.

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