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Last week my running came to an abrupt and seriously major halt as I prepared at the last minute to run a marathon on Sunday after racing my fastest half marathon ever.  It was a crazy and emotional week for me.  I was doing an insanely quick “taper,” my daughter started first grade at a new school, two of my kids caught a cold which I later came down with, we had record rain fall that led to school being canceled one day, and I was preparing to run 26.2 miles for the first time in well over a year.  It made me a little nutty!  But, I survived.
This week is filled with even more changes and less running.  My son started preschool yesterday and I am still recovering from my race on Sunday.  Seeing my little guy off to school had me feeling very OFF.  Yes, I was extremely proud of him for being such a big boy.  Yes, I am excited to have 4 hours every afternoon with just one child to take care of.  But I missed my buddy Will yesterday in a big way.  I put the baby in the running stroller after feeding him lunch and thought I would do an easy paced run to work the soreness out of my muscles and the lump that was sitting in my throat (from missing my buddy) out of the way.  After a few small steps though I decided it was too soon to run on these legs.  My quads were really sore from all those hills on Sunday and though it is nothing major I just wanted to give it a little more time.  So I went for a walk instead and it felt good.
he is seriously happy to start school!
I’ve decided that running a marathon while you’re in the middle of marathon training is AWESOME.  I am so happy that I did it and I know I will do it again in the future.  I mean really, I’m working so hard to train for just ONE marathon!?  Yea, NO, that is just not going to cut it for me these days anymore.  The only problem I’m finding is that I’m really itching to run right now but because of last week’s reduced mileage in preparation for the race and this week’s reduced mileage due to recovery I just can’t do it.  I need to respect the soreness and in a few days’ time I will be back to my training regime again.  I have 22 miles on tap for this weekend.  I’m not sure how many miles I’ll get done between now and then but I do know that I’m not going to push it and will take it easy so that next week I can get back into speed work and higher mileage.
Have you ever run more than one marathon in a season?  Have you used a marathon as a “training run” before?  Sunday’s race wasn’t part of my original training plan.  I’d love to hear how you prepare for and recover from mid-training marathons if you have ever done this before!

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  1. I think you are doing an awesome job with your training! I really don't want to see you get hurt, so please be very careful with doing 22 miles this weekend. If you can swing it– that's amazing! But don't be afraid to cut if short if you start to feel soreness or achiness. I know everyone is different, but I have gotten injured in the past from jumping back in too soon post-marathon. You've logged some fantastic training this cycle and I want to see you stay healthy!

    To answer your question, I have not ever used a marathon as a training run, but I did one once as a “fun run” four weeks after my goal race.

  2. Wow, you totally rock!! So proud of you for running a 1/2 marathon PR and marathon training! (PS – love the new picture of your running VA BEach RnR!!)

    I've never run a marathon as a training run, but think its amazing when people do. I don't think I love the marathon enough to double up, ha 🙂

  3. you are so amazing!!!! Keep inspiring 🙂 I have never run a marathon and not sure I want to ha! We will see after I figure out the whole half thing 🙂 Have a great day!

  4. I did a marathon once as a training run for another one (did Boulder for New York in 05) and followed it two weeks later with a 29-miler! It was great. The training marathon was a 10 minute PR for me without really trying for one, and the goal race was a 40 minute PR over that. So I agree with you–it can be done! And maybe should be done in some training cycles. :^)

    That said, I wouldn't do 22 a week after doing 26.2, especially a PR-you-were-racing 26.2. (I'm not a coach or anything, but to me it seems like you did the miles already, got the confidence boost, and just need to refresh your body so you can really tackle the rest of your MCM training.)

    Let us know what you do decide!!

  5. thanks so much you guys! so after thinking this through a bit more i most likely will not make my long run a whopping 22 miles on sunday :o) i haven't decided the mileage yet and have to rework some things on my schedule but the LAST thing i want to do is injure myself. i will not push through pain and will listen to my body
    i love and am so thankful for this community of runners and bloggers – thank you so much for reading and commenting!!!!

  6. Wow wow wow! You're amazing indeed. I just read your race recap…so wonderful! I ran my “peak” marathon in June and then ran another in july. I just layed low for about a week afterwards and then did some light taper like training until my next one. Maybe I had a week of harder training since the marathons were a month apart. Advanced Marathoning is the book I read to find a good plan for multiple marathons.

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