lifting my spirits

This morning started out kinda crappy.  I went to the dentist at 7AM for my 6 month check up.  Usually this is a pretty uneventful thing for me because I am seriously anal about my dental care.  I brush for 2 minutes twice a day (electric toothbrush with timer), I floss regularly and I rinse with Listerine regularly.  So I was taken aback when the dentist told me I have 3 cavities!  Apparently this is not uncommon for nursing mothers.  Our saliva has very protective qualities (rich in calcium and phosphates) but when pregnant and then when nursing these get leeched from our saliva, thus leaving our teeth more vulnerable to decay.  Who knew?  I am bummed…

Today is my first rest day in a week.  I know my body needs it but my mind could really use the sweat session.  It’s a gray cloudy day and I have a bazillion things to get done (extra dose of duties on the preschool board, managing my small business Sugar Cone, applying for a little teaching job, taking care of my three children … the list seriously does feel like it is never-ending).  It is one of those days that I know I will be hanging by a thread all day just to keep my head above water.

But I don’t want to complain!  I can’t stand the sound of my complaining as much as I can’t stand the actual stress.  So I have to let the whiny me OUT THE DOOR.  See ya pissy Jess, I don’t want to be ya. 

I want to focus on the big picture and all of the goodness that is abounding today.  My three kids and I are safe and healthy in our home full of blessings.  I WILL make this a good day.  It IS in my power to do that.  It just requires a change in perspective and the willingness to let things go.  I have to prioritize and be ok with getting done as much as I can.

Some happy things for me to focus on today:

  • My sister comes home from her vacation today!  I haven’t seen her in a week and I cannot wait to HUG her.  I miss my sister and I love her and I’m so thankful we live one block away from one another.  We are running 5 easy miles together tomorrow morning and 20 miles on Saturday.  Lots of good quality time with her in the next couple of days.  Makes my heart happy.
  • My half marathon is in a little over a week and I am feeling super strong and excited about it!  I feel a really awesome PR coming….
  • We have zero commitments today which means I can stay in my comfy sweats all day.  I will get done what I can and this afternoon I plan on snuggling up with my three monkeys and taking a siesta.  “Rest day dressed” today means sweats, no makeup, no frills.  I love that.
me in my rest day sweats. don’t i look cozy?

  • The stuff on my list today is all GOOD stuff!  I love being involved in our preschool and what I am doing is helping so so much.  That makes me feel good.  Sugar Cone is keeping me busy because we have lots of orders to fulfill and I ENJOY making the charts, so this is FUN.  The job I’m applying for is already in the bag – I just have to fill out the paperwork – which means I will be teaching more Pilates and helping people strengthen their bodies from the inside out.  How awesome is that?
  • This weekend some of the people I admire most (you know who you are!) are getting ready to run the Hood to Coast relay with nuun!  My heart is bursting with joy and excitement for each of them.  I cannot wait to hear all about their adventure!

Ok, I think I have sufficiently lifted my spirits.  No whining or complaining out of this mama today.   Thanks for listening!

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