July Reflections

Wow … July was quite a month.  I cannot believe how fast time is flying by these days.  My baby boy will be 6 months old tomorrow!!  How is that possible?

me and G going to the beach

During the month of July I hit some major milestones with my running.  My weekly mileage increased from 35 miles a week to 40 miles a week.  I ran my longest run since having my baby – 16.25 miles – in extreme heat and humidity, and felt strong.  I remained injury free (no back, pelvis or hip issues, etc – YAY).  This is all really awesome news for me and for my running.

This weekend we headed to Virginia Beach to visit my in-laws.  Virginia Beach is one of my very favorite places to run.  I love running along the ocean and through the state park.  With the dangerous heat I wanted to get out there early, by 5:30AM, and do as much of my run in the shady park as possible.  That was my plan until I woke up an hour later than I intended.  Wooops.  I didn’t get out there until 6:30AM.  I was determined to not let it ruin my run though.  If I let it get under my skin I knew I would go out there with a grumpy attitude and just could not let that spoil my run.  Instead I put a smile on my face and told myself to LET IT GO and just roll with it.  Be smart and safe.  I decided to run along the boardwalk even though I knew it would get sunny.  Apparently, the park though shaded was filled with awful deer flies (not my idea of good company on a long run!) and still, thick air.  I opted for the sunnier boardwalk because there were tons of water fountains and lots of people and the air was moving with the ocean breeze.  It just felt safer and smarter. 

I want to be doing my long runs somewhere between a 9:07 – 10:07 pace.  This run though super hot and steamy, was pretty much done right where I wanted it be:

Total Mileage: 16.25
Total Time: 2:34:39

Average Pace: 9:30

Mile 1: 9:33
Mile 2: 9:21
Mile 3: 9:00
Mile 4: 8:47
Mile 5: 9:18
Mile 6: 9:34
Mile 7: 9:42
Mile 8: 9:10
Mile 9: 9:01

Mile 10: 9:28
Mile 11: 9:37
Mile 12: 9:42
Mile 13: 9:31
Mile 14: 10:54 (forgot to stop watch when I filled my water this time)
Mile 15: 9:52
Mile 16: 9:38
Last .25: 9:31

When I look at these splits I am overall happy with them, except that I feel like they are ranging too widely…some miles were way too fast at or under a 9:00 pace and others were much closer to a 10:00 pace.  I want to be a little more even overall and then be able to pick up my pace at the end and have those last miles be my faster ones.  I know I am capable of this, I just need to focus and execute that.  This coming weekend I have an 18 miler (!!) and my plan is to be even and steady the whole way, picking it up a bit at the end.

I am thankful for a wonderful July.  The month was full of ups and downs for me, but mostly ups.  My mileage is up, my spirits are up, and I am thankful and happy.  I’m enjoying summer with my family so so much.  My kids are swimming with joy and confidence (I am SO proud of them – it has taken a lot of courage and hard work on their part).  They are loving their nature camps.  They are healthy and happy.

me and my monkeys at the pool

My husband designed and built an awesome tree house in our backyard.  It is really incredible.  I am so thankful for the man I married – he is such a devoted father and that means more to me than I will ever be able to describe.  My heart may burst.

awesomest tree house ever

Here’s to an amazing August ahead  …  Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!! …  filled with more summer memories and lots of things to be grateful for.  LIFE. IS. SO. GOOD.

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