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This morning the air was steamy and thick.  The track was wet and the football field was soggy and stinky…not sure what that was about.  Despite the heaviness of the morning and the fact that my stomach just did not feel right, I showed up and gave it the best I could today.

4 sets of 800s with 400 jog recoveries in between.  The first 400 was to be “moderately hard” the second 400 was to be “hard.”  I covered 4 miles total including two laps of warm up and recovery each as bookends.

We are heading into some serious heat these next few days, with the heat index predicted to reach 116.  That is crazy…it will mean running indoors or very early.  At 5:30 this morning the humidity was insane.  There were even beads of sweat on my shins after a couple of laps.  

A few things I want to mention/discuss as I am reflecting on today’s track workout:

(1) I smell really bad.  I swear I put on deodorant before I hit the track, but it is apparently not strong enough to combat the stench of my beastly sweat-monsterness on days like this.  What do you do to keep yourself from smelling like a swamp when you run?

(2) Something needs to be done about my hair post-workout.  It is long enough now to go totally bonkers after a good sweat.  How do you control your hair!?

Yikes! Bad hair and smelliness.

(3) I wore my Nike Frees to the track for the first time today.  Double thumbs up.  I love them and will continue to wear them for track workouts.  Do you wear a lighter shoe during any of your workouts?

4 thoughts on “track talk

  1. Truthfully I can't find anything to help on a hot day – but a shower always follows my runs on hot and humid days, usually cranked to the cold side since I don't have a pool!

    I train in a pair of Asics Kayano 17s, but switch to a pair of DS8 Racers for tempo runs and track work.

  2. 1) I smell HORRIBLE during/after my workouts. Totally HORRIBLE. My husband has no problem telling me that either. I'm no help!

    2) I sport a ponytail 24/7.

    3) No lighter shoes yet, but I am considering some Brooks Launches or maybe some Newtons soon…

  3. tight. ponytail. until i make it to the shower. I worked out at 10am this morning. It is now 10:39pm. Hmmm. I feel bad for all who have to be around me. Better stop commenting and take a shower!! Great job on your track work out!! I would love to try some lighter shoes for the track.

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