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What a week.  Last week I clocked in my highest weekly mileage since baby Gus was born: 40 miles!  And it was a taper week in my training schedule to boot.  The long run on Sunday was “just” 12 miles and it was close to a perfect run.  I ran alongside my amazing sister Jodi and also had the company of my buddy Justin and my friend Ellen.  Justin and I hadn’t run together since last summer when he was training for MCM.  He commented on how much faster I was on Sunday and that he wasn’t expecting me to push him so much – guess he forgot that the last time we ran together I was 20 weeks pregnant!?!?  Growing a human and carrying around all that extra weight and fluid will slow you up a bit.  We had a great run and averaged a 9:17 pace with our fastest mile being the very last mile – which is exactly where I want to be.

Sunday night I woke in the middle of the night with a VERY upset stomach.  I was up for three hours dealing with major stomach pains and had to ask my husband to stay home from work yesterday I just felt so awful.  I’m not sure if it was a virus or something I ate, but it was bad news.  Yesterday I spent the whole day in bed, taking the term “rest day” to a whole new level.

This morning my mom took the two big kids out for an adventure so it was just me and baby G.  Despite the crazy heat and humidity I decided to take the baby out for a little run.  We covered 5 sweaty miles on my favorite trail.  The baby slept the whole way.

cute sleeping baby, pretty trail

When we got home he was happy and ready to play.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to have him as a running buddy.

great nap = happy baby!

Tomorrow’s track workout is all set for 5:30AM. I can’t wait.  This weekend will be my longest run since having the baby: 16 miles.  The first 12 miles are to be slow (between a 9:07 – 10:07 pace) and the last 4 miles are to be at marathon goal pace (currently 8:37).  I’m excited to see how it feels!!

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