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Today’s long run was 14 miles.  Last week I misread the workout and did 12 “LSD” (long, slow distance) miles all at a slow pace when I should have done the last 4 miles at my marathon pace.  Since I screwed that up I decided I would do the last four miles of today’s long run at MP.

McMillan Running Calculator advises that for my long slow runs I should be doing them between a 9:07-10:07 pace.  I held strong there (despite wanting to go faster!) and then for the last 4 miles I aimed for an 8:37 pace (for my goal of a 3:45 marathon).

Mile 1: 10:04
Mile 2: 9:42
Mile 3: 9:43
Mile 4: 9:41
Mile 5: 9:46
Mile 6: 9:28
Mile 7: 9:50
Mile 8: 9:32
Mile 9: 9:40
Mile 10: 9:27
Mile 11: 8:35
Mile 12: 8:34
Mile 13: 8:24
Mile 14: 8:41

Folks, it was not just a good run today.  It was a GREAT RUN.  I believe that there is something to learn from every run and that no run can really be a “bad” run if you look at it that way.  Some runs we learn we are made of more than we thought we were.  Some runs teach us what fuel or hydration is or isn’t working for us.  No matter what, there is always something to learn.  Today, I was strong and steady.  Those last 4 miles at marathon pace were not a stretch for me.  Today’s run was a confidence boosting run.  The fact that my legs, my posture, my muscles and joints, my heart and my lungs all felt completely solid and in synch was purely awesome.  I learned that I can kick it up a notch after 10 miles of running and dig deeper for more.  I will think of this run when I am running the marathon – I will remember that I am capable of this.  Plus, I got to run with my sister Jodi for the first time in almost two weeks which was a superawesome treat!

Me and Jodi heading out for 14 miles.

My mileage for the week rounded out at 40.  And what happy, glorious strong miles they were!  

3:45 marathon – I am coming to get you!!!

What was your long run this weekend?  What did you learn from it?

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  1. My long run this weekend was a 10k yesterday. My speed and training runs have been great (on treadmill), but I hadn't gotten outside since my 1/2 M at the end of April for a long run….I live in the Shenandoah Valley and there are no really flat roads around here. Combine the heat, humidity, and rolling hills for all 6 miles and it was my slowest 10k. Only 3 minutes slower than my first back in October, but still disappointing. I will redeem myself in October though!

  2. Holly – that is awesome! Someone told me recently not to expect PRs out of summer racing. With all the heat and humidity it is not ideal for our fastest race times. But there's still so much to learn and hot races can be valuable experiences – they will make us stronger for our fall races! Are you running MCM??

  3. and you will get that 3:45!! I love it. I love how you stuck to the slower pace to start even when you wanted to go faster and how you pulled the MP miles out strong and steady!!! such a great lesson for all of us who want to go faster just because we don't like seeing the slower paces. It obviously pays off. Congrats on a great week. You look awesome!! You've inspired me to try that approach this weekend and go for my HMP at the end. Nice job!!

  4. I did a 14-miler too!! Unfortunately, mine was all about survival. The thing I learned most is that I'm going to have to start my long runs at 4:30 am. 🙁 The sun/heat is absolutely BRUTAL where I live. I drank 40 oz. of water + Nuun and then sucked down another 12 oz. of coconut water as soon as I walked through the door.

    Good luck achieving your 3:45. I'm right there with ya! Just gotta get through the summer.

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