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Have I mentioned that my whole family – all 5 of us – are sharing one bedroom here at my in-laws’ house?  There is a king size bed, a portable crib and two twin beds in the room and we are all smooshed together.  It’s actually really nice.  When I woke up this morning the baby was in bed with us already (he is still not sleeping through the night) and soon after that the two big kids hopped in… so all five of us were cuddled up in one bed before 6AM.  I thought about not running since we were all so snuggly, but I knew that in a few hours from now I would wish I had motivated myself to get out there at least for a couple of miles.  So I fed the baby and then put on my running clothes to head out the door.  I am so glad that I did.

I’m going to miss running at the beach.  Today’s 5 miles were a luxury – one last leisurely run along the shore before we head home tomorrow and get back to reality.  The morning clouds slowly dispersed as the sun continued to rise up over the ocean, reflecting a light so soft and warm and welcoming.  I love  the ocean in the morning.  The sea is calm and quiet at the start of these hot and humid summer days.  The sound of the waves, the sound of my footsteps, the sound of my breathing…a perfect way to start my day.

I ran an easy pace of just under a 10:00 mile for the first four miles.  I wanted to try out my marathon pace for my last mile and see what it felt like, knowing that it should feel pretty easy on a run like this.  My coach is having us do some marathon pace miles at the tail end of some of our long runs this training cycle and I guess I was looking at this short easy run as a mini test-drive of that since this is not something I have ever done before.  I glided through it and felt strong and confident and happy.  As it should be on a run like this. 

So, about that whole “marathon pace” thing… 

I’m dreaming of and planning on a big PR in the marathon this fall.  I believe with every ounce of my being that I am going to crush my 4:35 PR in a serious way.  Based on the McMillan Running Calculator and my recent race times combined with the fact that I am going to work harder and train smarter than I ever have in my life, I know that I am capable of a 3:45 marathon, or an 8:37 pace, this fall and I believe I will do it.  I’ve been really hesitant to share this goal/dream with you, but yesterday when I read my dear friend Dorothy’s inspiring post and earlier this week when I read my amazing friend Tonia’s incredible post I realized I was being foolish.  I need to put this out there and not be afraid of what others might say or think.  To own it and stand up for myself and for my dreams.  I stand up for everything else I believe in, so why not stand up for my own dreams and goals?!  I’m not going to teeter on this anymore, I am going to go after it with all of my heart and share my journey with you here.

And it doesn’t stop there…because after I get that 3:45 I am dreaming even bigger…and I’m going after a 3:40 so I can get myself to a little place called Boston.  IT. WILL. HAPPEN.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean – this has been my issue too, owning what I am capable of. So this time around I am letting go of that fear and just going after it. What is the worst that cn happen?
    I seriously cannot wait for Richmond!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to have a blast and I think the miles will fly by because we will have so much to chat about :o) so excited!

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