three things : endless summer, please

1. I have run nearly every day on my vacation this past week.  This has included a 12 mile long run, a hill workout and speed work on the boardwalk (5 x 800 at sub 7:00 pace with 2-3 minutes recovery between reps) as well as a few 3-7 mile runs at an easy pace.  I’ve taken one rest day and while I know I probably should take more I just can’t resist running when there are so many extra hands around to help with my three monkeys.  It has meant guilt-free running and total running bliss for me.  So on my easy days I am really taking it easy and not pushing the pace no matter how good I feel, just to be on the safe side.  I’m in running heaven here at the beach and I’m soaking it all up because in just a couple of days it is back to reality…no more ocean breezes or runs along the shore for a while.

2. My kids are beach bums and I love it.  They have been busy riding waves, building sand castles, catching fish, eating way too many frozen treats, making secret clubs on the deck with their cousins, reading good books with their grandparents and just in general doing what they do best: being kids.  It is pure joy to watch them be carefree and happy at the beach.

3. Summer is all about simple pleasures, not the least of which is snuggling up with my baby boy and napping in the hammock together.  He is the best.

We are already into July and I do not want summer to end.

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