Tomorrow morning at 4:50 I will rise and slink quietly out of my bed and tiptoe to my bathroom to get dressed in my running clothes while all of my sweet loves slumber peacefully.  The dog who usually is a wild ball of energy will open one eye to notice me, but will not move an inch from her soft warm bed.  I’ll slither down the stairs in my running socks and make it to the kitchen to start my coffee.  My sister will send me a text that will say something like “rise n’ shine, sistah!” and I will know she is up doing the same thing I am.  I will smile as her message reminds me of our deep connection and the love we have for one another,  as well as our shared love of running.  The time alone in my kitchen will go by quickly and before I know it I will be heading out the door to pick up my sister.  The sun will be rising as we meet our training buddies and our coach at the track.

Something about the track makes me feel like a real athlete.  A real runner.  Being there is my way of saying that this 35 year old mom of three is not just built to pack lunches, pick up toys, draw pictures, change diapers, drive a minivan and settle sibling disputes, etc (though, make no mistake, I am proud and grateful to be doing these things).  This body of mine can do so much more than that.  This spirit of mine is strong and determined.  I decide who I am and what I will do on that track.  I define my SELF.  With each circle I complete, I am renewed and fulfilled and reminded of the strength that lies within me.  It is peaceful, yet exhilarating.  Though the workout will be tiring and challenging somehow I will go home with more energy and life – more of myself – to share with my beautiful children and my wonderful husband.

There is work to be done on that track, and I will rise to meet it.  I will be a better me, a truer me, because of it.

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  1. Wow, beautiful words. So much truth here Jessica…so much that resonates with me. Running, training, having a goal…these things go beyond just a form of exercise…they are a way for us to process, energize, fill ourselves up and push ourselves to new levels. Love this!

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