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My kids think running is awesome.  They’ve been enthusiastic supporters of my running for a few years but Saturday’s race results took it to a whole new level.  Every time I bring home a race medal they are interested in it and take turns wearing and holding it and pretending it belongs to them.  They love to have little “races” in our driveway and pretend that they come in first place.  A couple of years ago I remember telling them that I have never come in first – that the real prize with running races is doing my best and having fun.  It’s not about winning.  They looked at me in total confusion at the time, but since then I think they get it at least to some degree and they usually ask me if I did my best when I come home from a race, not whether or not I won it.  This Saturday I came in first in my age group and won a “trophy” which happens to be a lava lamp.  I have rocketed into a whole new universe of “cool” in my kids’ eyes and I must say, it is pretty fun.  Not only am I way “awesomer” to them but running is, too.  They both want to train for their first 5K and I am so excited about this.

playing with mommy’s trophy

Yesterday morning before my 6 mile recovery run I took the kids out for one loop around the neighborhood as their first “training run.”  It was a blast.  The loop is 3/4 of a mile. I think it took us about 20 minutes.  We had to take walk breaks and “stop breaks” as Abby called them, but we were all smiles and laughter the whole way. 

It amazed me how much their running styles fit their personalities.  Will goes full force in life and does everything with an abundance of confidence and passion.  With his running, he sprints (and he is FAST!) and then comes to a screeching halt after a couple of minutes and says “THAT was AWESOME.  I AM SO AWESOME!”  No shortage of ego in this guy.  He cracks himself up the whole way. 

Abby is much more conservative and calculating with everything she does.  She is careful and thoughtful and talks things through at great length.  If you have a conversation with Abby, be prepared to talk with her for a while.  She is funny and sweet and has A LOT to say, always.  With her running, the whole time she was moving she was observing herself.  Not really complaining (I’m sure that will come at some point during our training!), but noticing and commenting on everything.  She takes it all in and likes to share everything that is on her mind.  She also continually reminded her brother that he needs to PACE HIMSELF or he will get too tired.  She had it all figured out.

I love sharing my joy for running with my two big kids.  I love that they are inspired to exercise and to do their best and do it together.  One of the MANY reasons that running is so important to me is because of the message it sends my children.  About caring for our bodies and souls and making time for ourselves.  About doing our best, only competing with ourselves.  I’m not hoping they will be track stars or cross country runners necessarily, though that would be great.  What I’m hoping is that they will always get great joy out moving their bodies and being healthy.  I can’t wait for our next training run together.  Now, I just need to find a race for us :o)

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  1. This is the best post ever!!! Love love loved it. I just read it to my kids and husband and we all related. 🙂 Oh and I tried to respond to your comment but it got returned to me. I hope you don't mind me posting it here:

    Your comment means so much. Seriously something i needed to hear this
    morning. So much. Thank you. Your words here really make a difference in
    how I've been feeling and I appreciate you taking the time to write these

    So much of what you say here…I can relate to. So honest too…about how
    you feel about your blog and wanting to connect with others and give back in
    your own blog. I've always appreciated your blog, your
    comments/contribution, etc. I remember that you were one of the first
    people I found and that “followed” me and I was so excited.

    I get the distraction piece. LIke right now. My son is calling for me, my
    daughter wants me to color….but you have given back here with thought and
    inspiration…you've inspired me! and filled “my cup”…seriously, I was
    feeling so blah today and this made me feel a little like I matter today.

    Off to get these kids fed.

    Hope your day is wonderful!


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