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ready to run in the sun!

I LOVE the sun.

From the time I was a baby I lived at the pool and the beach all summer long.  My parents bought our Bethany Beach townhouse when I was just one year old.  My mom was a teacher and every year after school got out, we would all hop in the car to relocate to the beach until Labor Day.   Whether I was at the beach or the pool, playing tennis or shuffleboard, riding my bike or going for a run, I would be outside all day, every day — in the sun — all summer long.  Summer is without a doubt my very favorite time of year.

As an adult I’m a freckle-faced sun lover who now is extremely careful about protecting my skin whenever I am outside.  This includes when I am running.  This summer I’m heading out for my long runs at 6:30 in the morning before it is very sunny.  I put sunscreen on anyway because I know that in a short while it will likely be blazing hot and sunny and I don’t want to leave unprepared.  I am loving Kiss My Face’s all natural sport SPF 50 clear spray this season.  It smells SO good, goes on easily and doesn’t leave a sticky-icky or greasy residue on my skin or hands.  For my face I just spray a puddle of it into my hands and gently apply it to my face and my ears.

My favorite lip SPF is by Fresh.  It comes in three colors and my favorites for running are the Rose and the Honey.  They also smell soo nice, feel super light, protect my lips and have a pretty tint to them.  I keep them with me at all times (not just when running) and got them at Sephora.

I also never leave for a summer run without my hat (almost always my white Nike hat) and sunglasses.  Unless it is raining, these are always part of my morning get-ready routine.  If I’m driving to a race or to meet up with my running group I will throw them in my bag for the car (along with my flip flops, a towel and a fresh clean shirt to change into after my run).  You can never be too prepared!

How do you protect yourself from the sun while running?

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  1. well, I wear a hat & sunglasses pretty much all the time, but I have a hard time putting sun screen on before I run… since I run at 5:30 am. The sun is barely up at that hour. When I run at 7am, I use a “stick” type sunscreen that I dig out of the bottom of pool bag because it's the “sun scream” my kids like, and.. yeah. I'm a great mom, but not as great about taking care of ME, huh?

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