three things

1. It is going to be a L O N G summer for my two “big” kids if they keep treating one another the way they have been these last few days.  They love one another and are the best of friends one minute (laughing, hugging, using their imaginations to create awesome fun games) and then in an instant, seemingly out of nowhere, they are SO mean and nasty.  Yikes!  My gosh, talk about a volatile relationship.  I know it’s normal sibling stuff.  I have three sisters and I remember the bickering and the hair pulling.  I also remember the security and the fun.  Knowing I could just BE ME with them, and it was always safe to do that.  Still is.  BUT…as the mother of my kids let me just say there is no better sound then hearing the two of them playing nicely and there is nothing that irritates me more than hearing them be nasty to one another.  It makes me crazy.

2. Summer heat has arrived in VA.  Today’s run will be 5 miles on the treadmill.  Having all three kids at home and not owning a triple stroller pretty much requires that I either do my summer runs on the ‘mill or before or after my husband gets home from work.  The balancing act continues….

3. I did a track workout on Monday night with the Women’s Training Program (WTP) of my running club.  It was a “lead and follow” with 6 sets of 800 repeats at a “comfortably hard” pace (which for me was a 7:18/mile pace).  It was hot and humid out, but I love the track and really enjoyed running with all those ladies.  For the two days that followed though I was sooo sore (in a good way) in my obliques.  I concentrated on my form/posture and pelvic stability while I ran.  I love feeling sore like this after a hard workout.  It is reassurance that I am doing something right and that strength and speed will come…

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  1. came across your blog through another blog. My kids are driving me crazy with their fighting,too! I think we probably have similar ages. I have girls 5 & 7(almost) and a baby boy 11 wks.

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