lavender blue, dilly dilly

My poor toe.  I am pretty sure it’s broken.  Yesterday I was walking in my kitchen and jammed it into the metal legs of the baby’s bouncy seat.  I do this about 3 times a day so it was bound to result in injury at some point.  That thing drives me crazy!  I hopped up and down for a few seconds and took some deep breaths and figured the pain was over…but then a few hours later I noticed my toe was looking a bit lavender and it really hurt to touch it.  Hmmm, perhaps it is quite traumatized, I thought…

Despite my purple toe I headed to my running club’s Women’s Training Program (WTP) that I have been participating in for the last few weeks.  We meet on Monday night’s at 6:30.  The program is designed for new runners and ends in a 5K race on June 25th.  I know I’m not a new runner, but I wanted to participate in the program this year since I’m returning to running after baby and I thought it would be fun to run with other women on Monday nights!  My hope is that next year I can help coach it.  Last night we did a trial run of the 5K course.  It is a nice route mostly on the W&OD trail with a couple of loops on the trail.  Even with my purple toe and the ridiculous heat and humidity (summer runs at 7PM = HOT!) I ran strong and felt good, though tired, when I was done.

after the 5K practice run…TIRED

This morning my toe is an even darker shade of purple…might even venture to call it black & blue.  I iced it a little last night and am thinking I will tape it up today.  Can I just say that broken toes are annoying!!?!!  I’m not going to run today and may even take a few days off if the toe continues to bother me.  I don’t want it to cause other injuries.

Tomorrow is June 1 which means only a few more weeks until MCM training begins!  I’m so excited, and want to be in tip-top shape when training starts.  Which means broken toe needs to heal.  Does anyone know how long it takes for a broken toe to heal?  Arghh….

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