three things: roadblock addition

So this hasn’t been the best week for me…

1. Tuesday afternoon I started to feel “off” – sore throat, feverish.  By yesterday afternoon I knew something was up and suspected strep throat as the culprit.  I loaded all three kids into the car at 3:45pm and took myself to the doctor.  Sure enough, strep.  YUCK.  At least now I am on antibiotics and am already feeling better.  Now I’m just praying the rest of my family escapes this nastiness…

2.  I’m feeling so much better that I went to the gym this morning.  I planned to do a little weight training followed by a 4 mile run.  I was doing squats with light weight when all of a sudden my lower back tweaked BIG TIME.  It was such a startling pain that I could not move.  OUCH!  I knew right away it had something to do with my SI joint.  I stopped working out immediately, took 3 ibuprofen and called Dr. Wong.  He isn’t in today so I saw Dr. Dolbin, one of the other doctors in his practice.  Here’s what happened: my SI joint was locked up before I even started squatting.  When I went down to squat the ligament around the joint got stretched further than it wanted to be which caused it to sprain.  So now I have a sprained ligament which means lots of pain in my lower back.  Dr. Dolbin did Graston therapy, laser therapy and put kinetic tape on my back.  Now I am icing my back A LOT and will go back to see her again tomorrow.  I am praying for a quick recovery.  It’s not easy being a mom of a 3 month old plus two other kids when your back is killing you AND you can’t go to your outlet (*running*) to work out the crazy feelings.  UGH.

3. Coincidentally, I have been thinking a lot about roadblocks lately.  Roadblocks in running and in life.  I know we are faced with them and that we get stronger because of them.  We overcome.  I’m trying to replay that message over and over in my head right now because I feel knocked down just after getting up…and I know things could always be worse.  There will be a bright side but I need to choose to find it.

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