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This week I fit all my runs in outside.  This is extra-awesome for me because with a new baby I really can’t get outside to run unless (A) my husband is willing and able to watch all three kids or (B) it is nice weather and both my big kids are in school or my husband is here to watch the them so I can push baby Gus in the stroller.  An outside run is a cherished thing for me these days, and always.

4 miles on Monday night, 5 miles last night and tonight another 6 miles planned.  I love pushing Gus in the stroller in the evening.  He loves it too — he either sleeps or if he is awake he is peaceful and happy.  Either way, he is good company.

happy running buddy

sleepy running buddy

I come home from my evening runs feeling energized, renewed and happy.  I find that I’m a different person when I get home from these runs.  I have WAY more patience for the bedtime routine that lies ahead.  Usually I feed my big kids dinner around 5:00 or 5:30 and then head out with the baby around 6:00.  Robert takes the kids for a walk with the dog and lets them play while I’m gone.  When I get home I hop in the shower with the big kids and then put them to bed while Robert makes dinner and hangs out with the baby.  By the time bedtime rolls around in our house I am usually SO VERY READY to get them to bed.  I can be a little (ok sometimes a lot) impatient and they can be a little (ok sometimes a lot) crazy and defiant.  BUT if I have an hour of running done just before the bedtime routine begins, it is so much better for my whole family!  It is like magic.  All of us are happier and more easy-going.  My evening runs give me the chance to unwind from the craziness of the day.  I used to *dread* the idea of running any other time but the morning but things are changing for me.  Now that I have a new baby in the house I know I need to be more flexible and figure out what works best for me and my family.  I’m thankful that Robert can be home early enough for me to head out at night – but even more grateful that when he does come home he is happy to watch the kids so I can do it.  My evening runs are proof positive that a momma who runs is a better momma around here.  She is way more fun, patient and happy after a good sweat.

12 miles scheduled for Sunday.  My first run without pushing the stroller in a week.  As much as I love his company, I am looking forward to a run with the adult companionship of my running buddies.

Happy weekend, everyone!

3 thoughts on “evening runs

  1. I have 12 on the schedule for Sunday as well!!! Will be a distance PR that should have been hit a long time ago but just never happened when I set out for that long! Good luck to you…I don't have running buddies so I go it alone, makes it hard to go that long!

  2. I am the same way after my runs! They keep me sane as a mom I think! 🙂

    My son is 6 months and so far I’ve only taken him on one run and he did okay, I’m hoping he likes it more so we can do it often this summer!

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