three things: training thoughts and an evening run

1. Last spring I became a certified running coach through the RRCA.  It was a wonderful experience for me and I learned a great deal about how to train and race smart.  I was excited to put my new knowledge into practice for myself as I trained for the MCM, but a few weeks later I found out I was pregnant so I decided to wait for the marathon in 2011.  Fast forward about a year later and here I am, 2 1/2 months postpartum, getting ready to train for MCM.  I am excited.  Even though I have trained for 6 marathons on my own and am an RRCA coach, I really want to be coached.  This is a unique year for me as I am a nursing mom returning to running after having a baby and I also believe that I can PR.  So I have decided to sign up for the =PR= (Potomac River) Running store’s Distance Training Program this year.  The program starts on June 18th.  I cannot wait.

2. In addition to my running program, I have been thinking about other ways I need to strengthen my body.  I am doing regular Pilates workouts at my sister Jodi’s studio Reston Pilates about twice a week and also do the exercises on my own at home.  My gym also offers a strength training program called TNT and I am going to start that in early May, once baby Gus is old enough to go to the gym.  This will be two 45-minute sessions a week focusing on weight training in the gym.

3. It is a beautiful day here today.  The sun is shining, the skies are blue and the air is crisp.  The high is going to be around 70 degrees.  Pretty much my ideal weather.  My husband biked to work today and tonight he will meet me and the kids at the baseball field for Abby’s 6pm tee ball practice.  I am going to put the running stroller in the car and take Gus for a run during the practice.  I can’t wait.  The evening bed time routine around here is always SO much more pleasant when momma gets a run in beforehand.

Happy Thursday, everyone.  The weekend is almost here!!

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