she did it!

My sister Jodi ran the National Marathon yesterday in 4:14:47.  She set a new PR by more than 20 minutes!  I am soo proud of her.  I knew she was going to do it – I felt it in my bones.  I am one proud sister and cannot wait to train and race with her again.
Jodi after finishing National Marathon, 3-26-2011
In other news, today I ran for 70 minutes at a 10 minute pace on one of my favorite trails.  The run was a success!  7 miles in the fresh air.  The farthest I have run since my baby boy was born a little over 7 weeks ago.  I am going to be ready to run the 10 mile race on my birthday in 2 weeks!  Little by little my strength is coming back and the aches and pains from pregnancy are dissipating.  My hard work and determination is paying off!

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