This morning I went back to see Dr. Wong and we had a great session.  He is awesome, let me tell you.  Last week (on Wednesday) when I went for my run I felt an awful pain in my pubic bone and an ache in my tailbone.  It freaked me out so I stopped running after just 3 minutes on the treadmill and walked for 20 minutes instead.  It just wasn’t the kind of pain I thought I should run through and I was left feeling really sad and scared.  As a runner I am used to running through aches and working kinks out from time to time, but this was different.  I’m cautious when it comes to injury prevention – I try to listen closely to my body to avoid hurting myself and this has worked for me in the past.  Yesterday I eased into a 30 minute run and felt no pain so I kept going.  The longer I moved, the better I felt.  Dr. Wong said I am going to feel aches and pains while getting back into running after having a baby.  This is ok and totally normal.  Running will make me stronger and I will not get injured as long as I am easing into it – building my mileage – and listening to my body.

On my way home this morning I was stopped at a red light behind a car with this license plate: NVR QWT.  I looked at it and thought – Thank you, God. Thank you for this message today.  I love how God speaks to me through little signs like this and I pray that I am always open to seeing them…because I know they are always there.  I am not a quitter and I am not alone.  I will give this the good fight and be stronger because of it!!!  I WILL NEVER QUIT.

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  1. Sounds like you have some great people on your side. You are not that far out from having the baby. I was barely running at all at that point after my 2nd. Give yourself a break and you'll be fine. :o)

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